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Friday, August 5, 2011

Tomb Priest with Cloak of Dunes

To the left you can see my scratch built Tomb Priest with Cloak of Dunes. This is my first attempt using this much green stuff. I usually use it for little add-ons here and there but as you can see over half of the models is Green Stuff.

I first placed a clear flying rod (upside down so the thick end was at the top) onto a 20mm square base. I then built of the ground and slowly built up the sand devil that the Tomb Priest would be carried upon. I let the green stuff cure for about 20 mins. I then came back and began sculpting in the rings to make the Sand Devil come to life.

After letting the Green Stuff cure for a few hours, I began to assemble the remaining pieces for the model. I got the body and left arm as well as some of the flying scarabs, from left over bits from my Necrosphinx. The death mask, staff and remaining scarabs came for bits left over from my Sepulchral Stalkers kit.

Overall, I am very pleased with how this model turned out. I liked the idea of the Cloak of Dunes turning the priests lower half into a small sand storm and that is where it gets the fly ability. I really like how I was able to make it look like the scarabs were sucked up into the storm and are flying out from where ever they can to make their escape. I know other out there in the blogosphere could do much better, but I will not improve if I don't get practice and I am pretty happy with my first larger scale effort with Green Stuff.

Well let me know what you think of my little project. I will post the finished product up once I have him all painted up.



Kuffeh said...

That is pretty good. I like the effort you have gone though, and your mini should look pretty cool and special. Great work!

Meatball said...

Thank Kuffeh, much appreciated!

MIK said...

Having trouble with leaving comments today apparently...

You're braver than I in tackling the greenstuff, he looks great, can't wait to see him paitned up.

Meatball said...

Thanks Mik, I am pretty happy with the results. I have a few projects ahead of him getting painted but it will be posted here once I have him complete.

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