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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Next Project: Dark Angels

Well about two years ago I started collecting my 3rd Chapter of Space Marines, Imperial Fists. In that time I now have almost enough models to make the entire 3rd Company.

Now it is time to start collecting for my 4th and Final Space Marine Chapter I want to collect. The Dark Angels. I plan on doing them much like I did the Fists, just slowly picking up pieces through trading and when I have the extra cash.

So far I have managed a small collection to include Forge World Dark Angels Dreadnought. Both of the styles of Captains, Interrogator Chaplain in Terminator Armor, Librarian, Two Death Watch Terminators and 3 Veteran Sgts. Not a bad start so far. I will post more in the future as I start this new army!

- Meatball


MIK said...

Welcome to the fold! Looking forward to seeing this one mapped out and cranked through.

Send me an email with your address and stuff, I think I can hook you up with some nuggets.

Meatball said...

Thanks Mik, Email is sent!

Papa JJ said...

Awesome, man! Can't wait to see what you have in mind for your Dark Angles. Really cool artwork, too. Thanks, I hand't seen that one before.

Meatball said...

@PapaJJ, I will make sure to keep updates as I do things. I don't think I will wait till I have a ton of models to start painting like I did with the Imperial Fists.

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