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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

High Elf Test Model and 1st Tactical, 3rd Company Imperial Fists

First up today is my test model for my High Elves. I am not a big fan of the standard white and blue of the high elves. I have decided to instead go with more of a burgundy red and white scheme instead.

I am really happy with the result and I can't wait to see the rest of my army as it comes together. Right now I have a pretty small force consisting of the Isle of Blood miniatures as well as the Dragon kit which I plan on running as a Dragon Mage.

Soon I hope to pick up the Battalion box set as well as a box of Silver Helms, so that should make a pretty decent start to my army. Which is the last Warhammer Fantasy army I plan on collecting, so I really want to do it proud and get a perfect looking paint job on it.

Next up is the first unit I have finished from a project I started collecting about two years ago. I present to you my Imperial Fists, 3rd Battle Company, 1st Tactical Squad. I was dreading painting the yellow but I am very happy with the results of this unit and now I just want to dive into more, but I have some other projects that need my attention first.

Well that is it for today. I still have plenty on my painting table at the moment, so I am off to the paint brushes. Please feel free to leave me a comment on my High Elf or Imperial Fists, constructive criticism is always welcome.

- Meatball


Warflake said...

Great work on the fists man!

Meatball said...

@Warflake, thanks I appreciate it!

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