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Thursday, August 11, 2011

My Armies: Imperial Fists



1st Tactical Squad

2nd Tactical Squad

That is the army for now. I will update this post as the army grows.



Tristan M said...

Awesome, have you checked out my army pages?
You're the first person I've seen trying it too.

Flekkzo said...

That looks very very nice. It looks even nicer on a gaming table, Imperial Fists always gets attention:) A very nice and clean paint job. I personally prefer the yellow crisp (plus any weathering) and find that dipping or a lot of washing ruins the look.

Warflake said...

I look forward to more!

@Flekkzo I favour more of a dirty look with mine rather than just out the paint workshop haha.

Meatball said...

@Tristan - I like how you did your army pages, I may have to try that as opposed to how I have done mine. I really like your Crimson Fists

@Flekkzo - Thank you for the compliments. I have a very simple technique for the yellow I use. Prime white, then watered down golden yellow followed by gryphonne sepie wash. It does make the models a little dirty looking but I like how it makes the golden yellow look and I like the gritty feel to the models.

@Warflake - More are coming as soon as I get some more white primer.

Tristan M said...

Your bias for Dorn is obvious ;) my aim is to get all of the 40K pages to the level of my Novamarines. Blood Bowl is probably the most fully done considering all pages for a particular game.

Flekkzo said...

@Warflake There's dirty and there's worn and weathered. I used to like just pristine out of the Phalanx, but I have grown more and more interested in weathering. I like to try to give them a slightly worn look, and maybe some fresh dirt/grit. Not the un-maintained look of the Orks, some Chaos, and to some degree the Imperial Guard.

@Meatball Sounds like the same formula I use, with a sunburst yellow highlight. I don't think the highlight is noticeable enough though, so I am more than likely going to go to a lighter one in the future. Think Bleach Bone :)

@Tristan Whose? Warflake, Meatball, or me? :)

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