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Thursday, June 30, 2011

My Armies: Sisters of Battle


Listed below you will find pics of my Sisters of Battle army accompanied by fluff and details of the units as I write them up. This will be a living document and as such will change as I update the army.


Saint Celestine

Canoness I

Canoness II

Palatine I
Palatine II


Celestian Squad
Sisters Repentia


Battle Sisters Squad I

Battle Sisters Squad II
Battle Sisters Squad III
Battle Sisters Squad IV
Seraphim Squad I

Seraphin Squad II

Dominion Squad 

Dominion Squad Immolator


Retributor Squad I

Retributor Squad II


Penitent Engine I

Penitent Engine II

The Exorcist

That is the army for now. I will update this post as the army grows.


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My Armies: Space Wolves


Listed below you will find pics of my Space Wolves army accompanied by fluff and details of the units as I write them up. This will be a living document and as such will change as I update the army.


Ragnar Blackmane

Rune Priest  





Grey Hunter Pack Alpha

Grey Hunters Pack Bravo

Grey Hunters Pack Charlie

Blood Claws Pack Alpha


Razorback I

Razorback II
Razorback III


Attack Bike I

Attack Bike II


Long Fangs Pack Alpha


That is the army for now. I will update this post as the army grows.


Monday, June 27, 2011

Motivational Monday: Bag o' Dice!

Today we get are inspiration from something most of us games have, DICE.

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Apples to Apples a really fun game!

Well I have recently played the Apples to Apples card game with some friends and I must say that I enjoyed it so much I went to the store the next day and purchased my own copy.

Now this game is a far cry from any of the gaming I blog about here, but it was so much fun I just had to post about it.

The game comes with everything you see in the picture to the left and can be played by 4-12 players. the recommended age is 12+ just due to some of the subject matter on the cards nothing risque or anything, just subjects younger kids might be lost on.

To play the game each player gets 7 or the red cards with the rest placed in the middle as the draw deck. Then you decide who is going to be the judge first. This rotates each hand afterwards to the currents judges left. The judge pick a card from the green deck with will usually have some kind of descriptive term like say "Smelly" and then it will have 3 other words further define what smelly means. The players then look at their red cards which have word or phrases along with pictures and a description that is usually pretty funny. Each player must play a card they think matches the green card. For instance if you had a red card with a "foot" on it you could play that. Once the players pick a card they give it face down to the judge and draw a new card from the pile.

This is where the fun starts. The judge then reads all of the cards and they decide which one best fits with the green card. The combinations can be quite funny and the judge can choose any car they want for what ever reason. I usually chose matches that made me laugh for instance in the game I played the word on the green card was "Innocent" and somebody threw out a red card with "Ninjas" on it. That was my choice because it made me laugh so hard!

Once the judge pics a card, the players state which card was theirs and the one who threw out the match keeps the green card. The player with the most green cards at the end is the winner, but at that point I really don't think any of us cared who won, we were having to much fun laughing at some of the silly combos.

Anyway I just wanted to do a quick review of what I think is a really fun game, which I can only imagine gets even better with some alcohol on-board. Yeah it doesn't have Space Marines or Dwarfs and Orcs but my friends, wife and myself had a blast for several hours and I am looking forward to the next time we play.

If you have played Apples to Apples or any other cool games recently please feel free to comment and give me your thoughts.


Monday, June 20, 2011

Motivational Monday: Slaanesh

Today we get or inspiration depravation from Slaanesh!

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sisters of Battle Update Rumors: What I think!

Well as you may have already heard the Sisters of Battle are getting a new "White Dwarf" codex. You can check out The Blood of Kittens article 1 and article 2 both of which have excellent information and TastyTaste is usually pretty accurate with his rumors.

Needless to say I am more than a little nervous about another White Dwarf release codex. The Blood Angel codex in White Dwarf was nothing to brag about so when I heard they were doing the same for my beloved Sisters I became nervous. Some of the Blood of Kitten rumors helped, but others have confirmed my concern.

So let me just tackle the rumors as listed on Blood of Kittens.

As always let us start with the easy ones that pretty much everyone figured was going to happen. 
  • Allies gone
  • Inquisition gone
  • Faith streamlined
  • USRs updated to 5th
  • Cheaper Unit costs
I am completely fine with all of these. I never used allies and rarely used the Inquisition.

So let start with the big one and perhaps most controversial change to Sisters of Battle: Faith
I was amazed reading around the Net how quite a few people are pretty close to understanding how Faith is going to work. One caveat about the faith rules: I only have most of the story so let us hope someone else can pluck the rest from the aether. The only thing that really stays the same is only faith producing units can use faith. Gone is the over and under rules based on model count and gone is faith powers that everyone can use.  It is replaced with every unit has its own unit specific act of faith to call upon.
So for instance Repentia Act of Faith allows them to always land an attack even if they are killed before they can swing. They are little bonuses like re-rolling to wound and hit, no USRs. Now this if fine and dandy if you just pop a faith point and bam! power goes off, but not so fast. Acts of Faith require that you roll 5+ to activate . This makes faith much more unreliable… maybe. In addition every unit that can get faith generates 1d6 faith points per turn. This also means that a new faith pool is generated each turn with no storing of past faith. As well faith can be activated in multiple phases of the game, so for instance you can re-roll to hit in your shooting phase or in your assault phase. What is not clear is a few things. Like how many dice can you throw at a single act of faith? How many times can you attempt to activated a power? If you get an act of faith to go off in one phase does it carry over to the next phase? If you fail an act of faith does that mean you cannot try again in another phase? I don’t have the answers, but what do you think?

While I completely agree that faith points needed some work I am not sure how I like this system. I do like some aspects of it but the 5+ to use doesn't leave a warm feeling. Maybe if different units had different values or if upgrading to Vet Sister Superior dropped you down to a 4+. I will just have to wait and see I guess.

Random tidbits
  • All Faith generating units get +6 invul save
  • All units that can get transports get Immolators or Rhinos
  • Assassins gone (Death Cult still in)
  • Wargear with the same names as GK wargear stay and get changed over. (e.g. Psybolt Ammo)
  • Karamazov gone
  • Priests in, pretty much same as before.
  • No change to the general Bolter, Melta, Flame concept of the Sisters
Again I am ok with with all of these except the Assassins. I really think Sisters should have access to them but I guess GW feels differently

Sisters have about 5 HQ choices including Special Characters

Looking forward to seeing what Special Charcters there are.

St. Celestine: Same price as a Grand Master you get 2+/+4 saves, WS/BS 7 Jump Pack, Fleet, Power Weapons always wounds on 4+   Has the power to come back like GK Thawn if killed.

I really like the sound of this!

Confessor: Takes the slot of the old Inquisitors. Cheap HQ (Warboss). Can create a henchman band using most of the henchman found in the GK codex. What makes the Confessor extra deadly is the ability for it to re-roll hits and wounds for her and the squad. This is the translation of the rumor matrix. So think for one second about her and the Death Cult together?

No real opinion but sounds interesting!

Repentia: Cheaper close to SM cost. FNP, Rage, Fearless, 6+ invul, no transports

EXCELLENT! I love Repentia and these changes sound very cool.

Battle Sister Squad: Cheaper 10-20 unit size (no combat squads), but has access to Immolators which begs the question… Immolators either get increased transport capacity or Sisters break the rules concerning model count and buying transports. Multiple acts of faith.

Interesting also curious to see if Immolators have an expanded transport capacity. If so I will never run Rhinos.

Exocists: Pretty much same as before.

Very excited to hear this as I love the Exorcist as it is!

ROUND TWO of the Rumors.
What is not in the Codex
  • Repressors 
  • Arbites
I was interested in the Arbites but I can live without them.

The Units (more information than others)
Canoness: Here is my special shout out to the Canoness: you are terrible. I mean grossly underpowered. Now this is going to sound like a cop-op, but I am not going into details because my hope is that she will be changed before release. It just sounds and looks like she is an unfinished product. She gets her own retinue that cannot do anything; she starts out cheap, but her upgrades are expensive and lame when you compare to everything else. So here is hoping to GW getting her fixed.

I will be severely disappointed if the Canoness ends up a weak unit!

Repentia: Forgot to mention they have fleet


Celastians: Cheaper than a Marine, but not really anything going for them (that I know of)… extra attack. Re-roll hits for act of faith

I hope they have something extra because this sounds meh!

Sister Battle Squad: Can still get a Heavy Flamer

Good to know as I have them in every squad I own!

Shraphim: They are pretty amazing. Cheaper than a Space Marine you get a Jump Packing, Hit and Running, and an act of faith that has them re-rolling wounds. You can also upgrade them to run with double hand flamers and melta pistols. They act both as an extra close combat weapon and become assault 2 instead of being twin-linked. So that means Assault 2 melta weapons.

I love my Seraphim and I like where it sounds like the rules are going!

Dominion Squads: Still get 4 special weapons. Act of Faith twin-linked.

Good to know!

Retributor Squads: Pretty fantastic. CHEAP! Talking under Long Fang cheap to fully kit out. Expect the return of the Heavy Bolter with these. Act of Faith is Rending.

Cheap Retributors is again an excellent change I will look forward to.

Penitent Engines: Again fantastic. Same statline (Walker). No Scout or Infiltrate. Cheaper and can be a squadron aka 9 Engines. They still get the 1D6 attacks, but any wounds generate additional attacks (don’t know if they work like Blood Talons). 6+ Invul (don’t know if they generate faith)

Extremely happy that these are still in. The rules sound very cool and now I think I may just have to pick up another one so I can have a squadron of 3.

Well those are my thoughts on the current rumors, please for free to let me know what you think! I will be posting a more thorough review of the actual rules as I get the copies from White Dwarf.


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Project Updates: Imperial Guard 1st Squad

I just wanted to throw up a quick post to show the first squad I have painted for my Buddy Scott's Imperial Guard. I am painting them to match some models he already had done. I got the colors pretty darn close so now with the first squad done I will be pressing on.

Scott gave me well over 3k worth of Guard to paint and that is not including any vehicles. So this is going to be a long term project as he is in no hurry to get the army back. So you will be seeing some more Imperial Guard updates as I fit them in with my other projects.


MAY WAAAGH!: The Final Models

Well I know this post is a little late. I had family in for the first two wees of June and it really set back my hobby/blog posting time. Anyway, these are the final models I managed to finish in the May WAAGH! I really consider it a success as I got every Orc model I had that needed it got updated. I now only have about 80 Night Goblins to update and then I can start painting my new models for the army.

The bulk up my updating at the end of the WAAGH! was Savage Orcs. The first unit is my Savage Orc Boar Boyz

Next up are my two Savage Orc Shamans. I really enjoy the character on these guys. They just scream savage orcness to me. I really can't wait to paint up some of the new plastic Savage Orcs. I really wanted to strip these guys down and re-paint but I am fighting the urge as I already have a long queue of Orcs to paint so I stuck to my guns and just updated the look of the models as much as I could in the time I had allotted my self.

Last up on the finished models were my swarms of Snotlings, a Night Goblin Shaman and a Goblin Shaman. There wasn't much I could do with the Snotlings so I just re based them and called it a day. Both of my Shamans need some touch up paint and a green wash to bring out some detail. After that I just updated their bases to match the rest of the army and pressed on.

I will still be posting pics of my Orcs as I continue to finish them. I am really close to the end of updating models, then I will be posting all new freshly painted Orcs and Gobbos! I am hoping to be finished with the entire army by the end of summer and just in time for the Alamo GT which will be my first GT ever!!!.

Well, this brings an end to the May WAAGH! It was a blast for me and kept me focused on what needed to be done. I am very pleased with not only the results but the amount of models I was able to get finished. Thank you for stopping by and please feel free to leave me a comment.