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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Project Update: Vampire Count

This is my Vampire Count submission for the Warhammer Fantasy Painting Competition. I choose the model with the help of a few Winds of Magic viewers mostly because of his very dynamic pose. I kept him with really dark colors as that is how I plan on painting my vampire counts army. It will consist of allot of greys and browns as I am going for a more Gothic vampire look then the high fantasy look that GW usually gives to its Vampire Counts. I am also adding Purple as a unifying color for any units that don't have allot of the browns or greys, so you will see purple on thing like my skeleton shields and banners.

Unfortunately he will be the only Vampire getting paint for a little while as I am focusing on getting the rest of my Orcs and Goblins painted/updated, before I move on to painting the undead. Anyway please let me know what you think. I know he could have been better but I ran out of time as I had to submit him today.


Friday, July 30, 2010

Project Update: Two more Cygnar Solos

First up is a Cygner Gun Mage Adept. This was a very cool model to paint and I am hoping Mike gets the actual unit of Gun Mages because I would like to paint them.

I used very little of the colors I have been using in the army as the Gun Mages seems to have their own style of "Uniform". They kind of remind me of Capt. Jack Harkness from the Torchwood series. Anyway I used more browns and greys for the model and then a nice blue Grey (GW Shadow Grey) for his trench coat.

Next up is Captain Maxwell Fin. I am sorry for the quality of the photo, it was a little too bright outside when I took this and I am afraid it shadowed pretty badly.

This was really a fun model to paint and agin he was different as he used less of the typical Cygnar colors and instead has more browns and tans. I loved his huge gun and ammo belt, the models pose is just awesome and was a pleasure to paint.

Well that is it for today. I will hopefully be finishing up my Vampire Count for the painting competition that ends tomorrow. If I get it finished tonight you will see pics posted up tomorrow. As always thanks for stopping by the blog and please feel free to leave a comment.


Monday, July 26, 2010

First 8th Edition Battle Report

I got my first game of Warhammer Fantasy 8th edition in last week so I thought I would post a battle report. This was my first game in 8th edition and my buddy Scott's third game. This is going to become a semi-regular feature on the site so please let me know how you like it and what I can do to improve.

My Orcs and Goblins:

Orcs & Goblins - 1500Pts.

Grubak Skulzbasha - Black Orc Big Boss
- Heavy Armour
- Enchanted Shield
- Martogs Best Basha
- The Collar of Zorga

Iggybum Snotfinga, Level 2 Night Goblin Shaman
- Nibbla's 'Itty Ring

Grubak's Choppas - Orc Boyz  X 20
- Xtra Choppa
- Musician
- Standard
- Boss Daguz

Da Nek Brekkas - Orc Boyz X 20
- Shield
- Musician
- Standard
- Boss Daghorn

Snotfinga's Stikka Mob - Night Goblins Horde X 40
- Spears
- Nets
- Musician
- Standard
- Boss Rotfang.
- 2 Fanatics

Da Immortulz - Black Orcs X 10
- Musician
- Standard
- Boss Grimtoof
- Nogg's Banner of Butchery

Da Herddas - Night Goblins Squigg Herders X 3 teams

Da Rank Breakka - Orc Boar Chariot

Da Bone Crusha - Goblin Rock Lobba

Da 'uge Stabbas - Goblin Spear Chukka X 2 

Da Rokkas - Stone Trolls X 3

Scott's Dwarfs:

- Gromril Armor
- Runic Weapon
  - Master Rune of Swiftness; Rune of Fury (x2)

Master Engineer
- Hand Weapon; Gromril Armor

Dragon Slayer
- Runic Weapon
  - Rune of Fury (x2)

Dwarf Warriors x 20
- Hand Weapon; Heavy Armour; Shield
- Musician
- Standard Bearer
- Veteran

Dwarf Warriors x 20
- Great Weapon; Heavy Armour
- Musician
- Standard Bearer
- Veteran

Troll Slayers x 15
- Hand Weapon; Extra Hand Weapon
- Giant Slayer

Thunderers x 10
- Hand Weapon; Dwarf Handgun; Light Armour  
- Musician

Thunderers x 10
- Hand Weapon; Dwarf Handgun; Light Armour  
- Musician

- Rune of Burning; Rune of Forging

Organ Gun

Army Keys


We did a fairly basic set-up for the terrain as this was my 1st and Scott's 3rd game in 8th edition. We rolled off and I took the southern board edge. We both seemed to place the heavier amount of our forces in the East so we knew that side of the table was going to see some bloody combat.

Orcs Turn One:

Well Turn 1 did not start off good for me at all as the Squabbling began.  The Herddas, Snotfinga's Stikkas and Da Nek Brekkas all decided beating on each other was more fun than going across the field to bash on some stunties!  Da Immortulz moved up by the woods for some cover. Da Rokkas failed their stupidity test, even with big Boss Grubak right behind them, and rumbled forward 6".  Grubak and his Choppas decided to follow the stupid trolls, obviously they were going to need some instruction to get them into battle. Da Rank Breakka rolled up the East flank trying to surprise the Dwarf cannon crew. Snotfinga tried the only spell he could and attempted to get Da Rokkas moving y using Hand of Gork, but failed to cast the spell. Da bone Crusha launched a might boulder at the unit of Dwarf Warriors with the Thane killing off 3 stunties. Da 'uge Stabba by the woods shot the slayers killing 2, while the other attempted to fire at the Slayers and failed to hit.

Dwarfs Turn One:

On Scott's turn he proceeded to moved his 3 blocks of Dwarfs forward their full amount. With no magic to speak of the Dwarfs turned to their shooting. The Cannon shot  at the Da Rokkas, overshooting into the Choppas. and killing 4. The Organ Gun shot into the Trolls causing 4 wounds but the trolls managed to regenerate all but 1. The Thunderers shot at Da Immortulz killing 3 and causing a panic test, which I luckily passed.

Orcs Turn Two:

Turn 2 Started off much better for me as the only unit to fail animosity was da Herddas, in fact the Stikkas managed to get "We'll show em" and rolled a 5 for distance.  Da Rokkas declared a charge but failed and moved ahead 5". The Choppas stayed close behind so Grubak could continue to advise the Trolls. Da Nek Breakkas moved forward for a better position and the Rank Busta continued up the right flank. The Stikkas marched toward the Dwarf Warriors on the hill and Da Immortulz moved in to support them. The Magic phase was good to me. I cast Gaze of Gork on the Dwarf unit on the hill and managed to kill 3.  I then used Nibbla's Itty Ring to cast 'eadbutt at the Thane, Scott failed to dispel and I caused the Thane a wound. Da Bonecrusha missed the Dwarf Warriors completely, as did the 'uge Stabba. My other 'uge Stabba in the middle managed to hit the dwarfs on the hill but only killed one.

Dwarfs Turn Two:

Scott Declared charges with the dwarfs on the hill and the Slayers but they fell short (no pun intended) while the Warriors  managed a charge on Da Rokkas. Again no magic for the stunties. The shooting phase did not go well for the Dwarfs. The Organ gun misfired and was out for 2 turns as the crew dealt with wet powder and bad fuses. Then just when you thought it couldn't get worse the cannon next door exploded. The Master Engineer had decided it was time for him to step in, apparently he was not signed off on this particular model of cannon.  The Thunderers both shot at Da Immortulz but only managed to kill 1. The warriors  and the Thane did an incredible amount of damage to the trolls and even with their scaly hide and regen the trolls were chopped to pieces, but no before causing 5 wounds to the dwarf unit.

Orcs Turn Three:

Turn 3 Started with Da Herddas once again failing their animosity check along with Da nek Breakkas. The last fanatic managed to roll doubles killing himself before causing any damage at all. I declared Charges with the Stikkas and Da Immortulz on the Dwarf Warriors and in the east I charged the Choppas into the Thane's unit. All of my charges were successful. My chariot decided to reform since the juicy cannon target was now a crater.  Snotflinga was able to Cast Hand of Gork on the Chariot who was just in range, this allowed the chariot to get a charge. I then used the ring to cause a wound on the Dragon Slayer in the Slayer unit, but Scott dispelled it. The Dwarfs from the hill were overwhelmed by the Stikka's Horde as well and the flank attack by the Black Orcs. They lost combat and fled, but were over run by the Night Gobbos. Da Immortulz held instead of pursuing. Grubak Challenged then Thane and then slew him in bloody combat. The combined force of the Choppas and the Chariot was too much and the Dwarf unit was shattered and over run.

Dwarfs Turn Three:

Scott had very few forces left at the bottom of turn 3 but he continued on with the game.  He declared a charge with the Slayers but came up short. Both units of thunders moved towards the action so could not shoot. The organ gun was still unable to fire this turn so with no magic and no shooting Turn 3  came to an end.

Orcs Turn Four:

Turn 4 started off awesomely as Da Herddas finally managed to pass an animosity test, but then went to crap as Grubak's Choppas failed theirs. This pissed off the big boss who proceeded to kills 6 of his boyz to get the unit back in the fight!  Both The Chariot and the  Da Nek Breakkas declared charges on the Slayers, unfortunately only the Chariot made it. Da Herddas moved forward for the first time in the game. Grubak's Choppas moved forward not wanting to enrage their big boss any further. Snotfinga and his Stikkas took the hill looking to charge the Organ gun Next turn. I attempted to cast Hand of Gork to get Da Immortulz a charge but Scott dispelled it. I then used the ring to cause a wound on his Dragon Slayer. Scott tried to dispel but failed. The only shooting I attempted was a shot from the 'uge Stabba at a Thunderers unit but I missed. In the only combat I managed to kill 4 slayers, but Scott managed to destroy the chariot.

Dwarfs Turn Four:

Turn 4 was a rather quick turn. Scott's Slayers charged da Nek Breakkas and while both sides caused  wounds neither did enough to win combat and so it ended in a draw. The organ gun killed a few more of Grubak's Choppas and cause a Panic test, but one look from Gruback was all it took to restore order. The Thunderers shot at the Stikkas causing a few wounds but nothing too effective.

Orcs Turn Five:

Turn 5 began with Da Herddas failing another Animosity test. Da Immortuls failed a charge on the Slayers. The Stikkas failed their charge on the Organ gun. In the Magic Phase I used the hand of Gork to get Da Immortulz into combat. Scott attempted to dispel but failed. In the shooting phase Da 'uge Stabba failed to hit the Thunderers again. In the only combat this turn the Slayers were overwhelmed by the Black Orcs and Da Nek Breakkas and killed to a dwarf! With this Scott conceded the game and I not only got my first game of 8th edition, but my first win as well.

Well there you have it, my first 8th edition game and battle report. Over all I really like 8th edition. I do feel bad for Scott because his dice were just not cooperating with him at all. I mean he was playing Dwarfs and could not stop my magic to save his life. Then when it came to his shooting the dice would fail him over and over again. He was a great sport and gracious opponent and I hope we get to play again soon.

Please feel free to leave me a comment, especially if you see some rules we got wrong. Also I do apologize that the maps don't quite accurately show everything. I am still learning the software so I hope to improve on these reports in the future. I will also remember to take pictures next time to go along with the report.


Sunday, July 25, 2010

I'm a Winner!!!

Well I managed to get home in time to watch the live drawing for the Storm Wardens army on Jawaballs Live! While I did not manage to win the awesome Storm Wardens army, I was surprised when I heard my name announced for one of the additional prizes!

I won the following items donated by Mik over at Mik's Minis!

Thank you Mik for donating the prize and I will make sure I put it to good use, maybe even placing a post or two on here showing what I do with the model.

The whole Storm Wardens project was amazing to follow and if they ever do another in the future I will be offering up my talents (what little there may be) to help out.

Well that's all for now I am off to do some painting!

Storm Wardens Drawing Is Today

Today is the BIG DAY! They will be drawing the winner of the Storm Warden army on Jawaballs Live at 2pm Eastern Standard Time. 

Not only will they be drawing the winner of this awesome army...

but there are going to be additional prizes draw as well. You can read more about it here!

It has been so amazing following this project from its humble beginnings and I just find it amazing that the 40K community came together to make this project happen. Even more amazing to me is the fact that the community was able to raise $16,107.00 for the charity Doctors Without Borders.

So if you are interested in seeing the winners draw live be sure to tune into Jawaballs Live. 

I would just like to end by congratulating the entire Storm Wardens team for an amazing job! My hat is off to you Gentlemen for a job well done!


Saturday, July 24, 2010

Taking a break from 40K!

Well the title says it all, I am officially going to be taking a break from playing 40K for awhile. What does this mean for the blog, nothing at all. I am only taking a break from playing Warhammer 40K, but I will still be painting, converting and working on terrain.

I have a few reasons for taking a break. First off I just made a killer trade and now own almost  the complete collection of the Protectorate of Menoth army for Warmachine. Secondly I am really enjoying the newly released 8th Edition Warhammer Fantasy Battles, third Hordes Mark II is about to be released and I want time to learn it.

The main reason I am taking a break though is I am just worn out with 40K. I have never been a fan of 5th edition, but I have persevered and continued playing. I am just not a fan of all the fully mech'd armies. I don't blame people foe mech'ing up, 5th edition makes vehicles awesome compared to 4th. Unfortunately my armies can not compete against them and I just don't feel like spending the money to mech up my armies, especially with the GW price hikes.

Like I said, I am not quitting 40K altogether, I will still be painting and other various 40K hobby related activities. I mean I just got a great gift from my friend Brandon, he gave me his Space Wolf army that I painted for him, so there is no way I will be abandoning 40K. My plan is pretty much to take off the rest of the summer and then see how I feel about returning to playing.

-So have any of you burned out on the game before? If so what did you do?

As always, thanks for taking the time to read my blog and please feel free to drop me a comment.


Project Update: Captain Arian Strangewayes

Today I finished Captain Arian Strangewayes for my buddy Mike's Cygnar army. This is probably my least favorite model I have painted so far. It wasn't that it was hard to paint or anything, I just really don't care for the model.

I kept to the same paint scheme that I have been using for this army and over all I am very pleased with how he turned out. I know have two more Solos and two units of troops to paint and I will be done with Mike's army at least for now.

Once I am done with the Cygnar minis, I will be able to devote more time to painting my Protectorate of Menoth as well as updating the paint job on my Orcs and Goblins army for Warhammer Fantasy.

Well that is all for now, as always thanks for stopping by and please feel free to leave a comment or two.


Friday, July 23, 2010

Trading Armies!

Trading armies is as much a part of the hobby for me as playing the game and painting the miniatures. The one rule I have had in the past is not trading any armies that I have fully painted but my buddy Scott made me an offer I couldn't refuse.

I traded my Tomb King army for the following Protectorate of Menoth.


-Amon Ad-Raza
-2 x Epic Feora
-Harbinger of Menoth
-Epic Kreoss
-Testament of Menoth
-The High Reclaimer
-Epic Severius


-Blessing of Vengeance
-4 x Devouts
-3 x Revengers
-2 x Redeemers
-2 x Crusaders
-Fire of Salvation


-2 x Paladins
-3 x Wracks
-2 x Exemplar Seneschals
-2 x Reclaimer


-2 x Choir (Max Units)
-2 x Flameguard (Max Unit + Attachment)
-2 x Zealots (Max Unit + Monolith Bearer)
-3 x Exemplar Errant (2 Max units,1 Min Unit
-Vengers (Max Unit)
-2 Daughters of the Flame (Max Units)
-2 Idrian Skirmishers (Max Units +1 Attachment)
-Deliverer Sunburst and Crew
-Knight Exemplar (Max Unit)

In the end I think I made out very well on this trade. I will not be needing to buy any further models for Menoth for quite some time, now I just have around 174 new models to paint :-P

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Project Update: Menoth Templar Heavy Jack

Just another quick update as I finished my Templar Heavy Jack for my Protectorate of Menoth. I painted it basically the same as my Crusader but I was much more careful with the washes this time.

I really like the Templar jack. The model is beautiful and I like its rules. I am considering replacing my Crusader with it the next time I play so I can see how well it performs in game.

Overall it was a joy to paint and it is nice to see more of my force getting painted. Now its back to my buddy's Cygnar army. I am down to his three solos, then his two units and I can then focus solely on my army.

As always, thanks for stopping by and please feel free to leave me a comment!


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Project Update: Captain Allister Caine

Just a quick update to show off Captain Allister Caine. I finished him last night so I couldn't get a picture uploaded until today. This was easily my favorite Warmachine model up to date that I have painted.

As always thank you for stopping by the blog and please feel free to drop me a comment or two.


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Project Update: Celestine the Living Saint

I finished her last night and I am very excited to post a completed picture of Celestine the Living Saint. This is really a beautiful model and it was really a joy to paint. I apologize for the poor lighting but of course it had to be overcast today. I really need to invest in some good lights and a photo box.

I am really happy with the model and I can't wait to use her in my army list. Coming up next will most likely be my Inquisitorial Storm Troopers, Although I still have two Witch Hunters to paint as well. Either way I need to finish off my troops and characters then get back to my remaining vehicles.

I do apologize for the limited updates lately but I have been doing allot of work on my Fantasy and Warmachine models , which you can see on my Fantasy blog.

My future plans for 40K after I finish the Witch Hunters/Sisters of Battle, include finishing my Chaos Marines. After that I will move onto my Ulthwe Eldar and then the Armies that I have bought post 5th edition (Orks, Imperial Fists and Daemons).

Thank you for visiting the blog and please feel free to leave me a comment.


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My First 8th Edition Army List!

Well I have been messing with ideas for army lists for 8th Edition Fantasy Battles for a few days now. I have messed with Dwarfs and my Tomb Kings, but my first complete list that I was happy with is my Orcs and Goblins led by no other than Grimgor Ironhide, my favorite Orc special character.

I did a 3000 point list as I have no idea what the new standard is going to be. I am guessing it will probably range from 2500 - 3500 so I am going to build my lists in those ranges till I see what pans out in my area. I am going to start with 3000 points and then adjust my list down to 2500 and up to 3500. One thing I don't think I will be doing though is running special characters at 2500. Anyway I have rambled long enough, here is my first 8th Edition list.

ORCS & GOBLINS: 3000 Points


Grimgor Ironhide - 375 Pts.


Grubak Skulzbasha - Black Orc Big Boss = 119 Pts.
- Heavy Armour
- Enchanted Shield
- Martogs Best Basha

Slagger da Bannawava - Black Orc Big Boss = 139 Pts.
- Heavy Armour
- Battle Standard Bearer
- Nogg's Banner of Butchery

Oggrit Snazbang Level 2 Orc Shaman = 150 Pts.
- Nibbla's 'Itty Ring
- Dispel Scroll

Iggybum Snotfinga, Level 2 Night Goblin Shaman = 135 Pts.
- Staff of Sneaky Stealin


Grubak's Choppas - Orc Boyz Horde X 39 = 303 Pts.
- Xtra Choppa
- Musician
- Standard
- Boss Daguz

Da Nek Brekkas - Orc Big Uns X 19 = 220 Pts.
- Shield
- Musician
- Standard
- Boss Daghorn

Snotfinga's Stikka Mob - Night Goblins Horde X 39 = 286 Pts.
- Spears
- Nets 
- Musician
- Standard
- Boss Rotfang
- 3 Fanatics

Da Red Crawlas - Forest Goblin Spider Riders X 10 = 170 Pts.
- Bows
- Musician
- Standard
- Boss Raknid

Da Runtz - Snotlings X 3 Bases = 60 Pts.


Da Immortulz - Black Orcs X 19 = 298 Pts.
- Musician
- Standard
- Boss Grimtoof
- Gork's Waagh Banner

Da Bone Crusha - Goblin Rock Lobba = 70 Pts.

Da 'uge Stabbas - Goblin Spear Chukka X 2 = 70 Pts.

Da Deff Waggin - Orc Boar Chariot = 80 Pts.

Da Rank Busta - Orc Boar Chariot = 80 Pts.


Da Boggas - River Trolls X 6 = 360 Pts.

Da Gitz Tossa - Goblin Doom Diver Catapult = 80 Pts.

Lords = 375 Pts.
Heroes = 543 Pts.
Core = 1039 Pts.
Special = 598 Pts.
Rare = 440 Pts.

Army Total = 2995 Pts.

Well that is what I got for my first attempt, let me know what you think.


Sunday, July 11, 2010

Project Update: Commander Adept Sebastion Nemo

Just another quick update today. I finished Commander Adept Sebastion Nemo from my friends Cygnar army. This was a really fun mini to paint. He has a pretty cool pose and is a very detailed mini. I kept to my friends wishes on the paint scheme and over all as I get more pieces of his army finished I am sold on using white as a secondary color instead of the yellows. The parts that I have completed look pretty sweet out on the table together.

Well that is it for today, please fell free to drop me a comment and thanks for stopping by the blog!


Saturday, July 10, 2010

Project Update: High Exemplar Kreoss

Well I was able to squeeze in some time on one of my Protectorate of Menoth models. This is High Exemplar Kreoss. He is the only caster I currently own, but I am quite happy with him atm so I haven't bought any others.

I painted him in the same colors and style as my Crusader heavy jack. I really like the off white/bone white over the pure white and from the artwork in the rulebook many of the Menoth units have that sort of color as opposed to pure white. There is an amazing artwork of Kreoss in the Warmachine rulebook and I attempted to paint this model to match that image.

I do apologize for the photo quality as I waited to long in the even and lost the good light, but I wanted to get an image of him up and move onto the next few models in my buddy's Cygnar army.

As always, thank you for stopping by and please feel free to leave a comment.


Thursday, July 8, 2010

My Armies - Dwarfs


This post is to showcase my Dwarf army. This post will be a living document that changes and evolves as I write up the fluff and add more miniatures to the army. At this time it will be just pictures but in the near future fluff will accompany the models.


Dwarf Lord Shield Bearers and Hammerers Body Guard


Battle Standard

Rune Lord and Rune Priests

Anvil of Doom










Engineering Corps



Bolt Throwers

Grudge Thrower

Flame Cannon

Organ Gun


Well that is it for now, check back as I update the page with my fluff and any other new miniatures I get.