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Monday, July 26, 2010

First 8th Edition Battle Report

I got my first game of Warhammer Fantasy 8th edition in last week so I thought I would post a battle report. This was my first game in 8th edition and my buddy Scott's third game. This is going to become a semi-regular feature on the site so please let me know how you like it and what I can do to improve.

My Orcs and Goblins:

Orcs & Goblins - 1500Pts.

Grubak Skulzbasha - Black Orc Big Boss
- Heavy Armour
- Enchanted Shield
- Martogs Best Basha
- The Collar of Zorga

Iggybum Snotfinga, Level 2 Night Goblin Shaman
- Nibbla's 'Itty Ring

Grubak's Choppas - Orc Boyz  X 20
- Xtra Choppa
- Musician
- Standard
- Boss Daguz

Da Nek Brekkas - Orc Boyz X 20
- Shield
- Musician
- Standard
- Boss Daghorn

Snotfinga's Stikka Mob - Night Goblins Horde X 40
- Spears
- Nets
- Musician
- Standard
- Boss Rotfang.
- 2 Fanatics

Da Immortulz - Black Orcs X 10
- Musician
- Standard
- Boss Grimtoof
- Nogg's Banner of Butchery

Da Herddas - Night Goblins Squigg Herders X 3 teams

Da Rank Breakka - Orc Boar Chariot

Da Bone Crusha - Goblin Rock Lobba

Da 'uge Stabbas - Goblin Spear Chukka X 2 

Da Rokkas - Stone Trolls X 3

Scott's Dwarfs:

- Gromril Armor
- Runic Weapon
  - Master Rune of Swiftness; Rune of Fury (x2)

Master Engineer
- Hand Weapon; Gromril Armor

Dragon Slayer
- Runic Weapon
  - Rune of Fury (x2)

Dwarf Warriors x 20
- Hand Weapon; Heavy Armour; Shield
- Musician
- Standard Bearer
- Veteran

Dwarf Warriors x 20
- Great Weapon; Heavy Armour
- Musician
- Standard Bearer
- Veteran

Troll Slayers x 15
- Hand Weapon; Extra Hand Weapon
- Giant Slayer

Thunderers x 10
- Hand Weapon; Dwarf Handgun; Light Armour  
- Musician

Thunderers x 10
- Hand Weapon; Dwarf Handgun; Light Armour  
- Musician

- Rune of Burning; Rune of Forging

Organ Gun

Army Keys


We did a fairly basic set-up for the terrain as this was my 1st and Scott's 3rd game in 8th edition. We rolled off and I took the southern board edge. We both seemed to place the heavier amount of our forces in the East so we knew that side of the table was going to see some bloody combat.

Orcs Turn One:

Well Turn 1 did not start off good for me at all as the Squabbling began.  The Herddas, Snotfinga's Stikkas and Da Nek Brekkas all decided beating on each other was more fun than going across the field to bash on some stunties!  Da Immortulz moved up by the woods for some cover. Da Rokkas failed their stupidity test, even with big Boss Grubak right behind them, and rumbled forward 6".  Grubak and his Choppas decided to follow the stupid trolls, obviously they were going to need some instruction to get them into battle. Da Rank Breakka rolled up the East flank trying to surprise the Dwarf cannon crew. Snotfinga tried the only spell he could and attempted to get Da Rokkas moving y using Hand of Gork, but failed to cast the spell. Da bone Crusha launched a might boulder at the unit of Dwarf Warriors with the Thane killing off 3 stunties. Da 'uge Stabba by the woods shot the slayers killing 2, while the other attempted to fire at the Slayers and failed to hit.

Dwarfs Turn One:

On Scott's turn he proceeded to moved his 3 blocks of Dwarfs forward their full amount. With no magic to speak of the Dwarfs turned to their shooting. The Cannon shot  at the Da Rokkas, overshooting into the Choppas. and killing 4. The Organ Gun shot into the Trolls causing 4 wounds but the trolls managed to regenerate all but 1. The Thunderers shot at Da Immortulz killing 3 and causing a panic test, which I luckily passed.

Orcs Turn Two:

Turn 2 Started off much better for me as the only unit to fail animosity was da Herddas, in fact the Stikkas managed to get "We'll show em" and rolled a 5 for distance.  Da Rokkas declared a charge but failed and moved ahead 5". The Choppas stayed close behind so Grubak could continue to advise the Trolls. Da Nek Breakkas moved forward for a better position and the Rank Busta continued up the right flank. The Stikkas marched toward the Dwarf Warriors on the hill and Da Immortulz moved in to support them. The Magic phase was good to me. I cast Gaze of Gork on the Dwarf unit on the hill and managed to kill 3.  I then used Nibbla's Itty Ring to cast 'eadbutt at the Thane, Scott failed to dispel and I caused the Thane a wound. Da Bonecrusha missed the Dwarf Warriors completely, as did the 'uge Stabba. My other 'uge Stabba in the middle managed to hit the dwarfs on the hill but only killed one.

Dwarfs Turn Two:

Scott Declared charges with the dwarfs on the hill and the Slayers but they fell short (no pun intended) while the Warriors  managed a charge on Da Rokkas. Again no magic for the stunties. The shooting phase did not go well for the Dwarfs. The Organ gun misfired and was out for 2 turns as the crew dealt with wet powder and bad fuses. Then just when you thought it couldn't get worse the cannon next door exploded. The Master Engineer had decided it was time for him to step in, apparently he was not signed off on this particular model of cannon.  The Thunderers both shot at Da Immortulz but only managed to kill 1. The warriors  and the Thane did an incredible amount of damage to the trolls and even with their scaly hide and regen the trolls were chopped to pieces, but no before causing 5 wounds to the dwarf unit.

Orcs Turn Three:

Turn 3 Started with Da Herddas once again failing their animosity check along with Da nek Breakkas. The last fanatic managed to roll doubles killing himself before causing any damage at all. I declared Charges with the Stikkas and Da Immortulz on the Dwarf Warriors and in the east I charged the Choppas into the Thane's unit. All of my charges were successful. My chariot decided to reform since the juicy cannon target was now a crater.  Snotflinga was able to Cast Hand of Gork on the Chariot who was just in range, this allowed the chariot to get a charge. I then used the ring to cause a wound on the Dragon Slayer in the Slayer unit, but Scott dispelled it. The Dwarfs from the hill were overwhelmed by the Stikka's Horde as well and the flank attack by the Black Orcs. They lost combat and fled, but were over run by the Night Gobbos. Da Immortulz held instead of pursuing. Grubak Challenged then Thane and then slew him in bloody combat. The combined force of the Choppas and the Chariot was too much and the Dwarf unit was shattered and over run.

Dwarfs Turn Three:

Scott had very few forces left at the bottom of turn 3 but he continued on with the game.  He declared a charge with the Slayers but came up short. Both units of thunders moved towards the action so could not shoot. The organ gun was still unable to fire this turn so with no magic and no shooting Turn 3  came to an end.

Orcs Turn Four:

Turn 4 started off awesomely as Da Herddas finally managed to pass an animosity test, but then went to crap as Grubak's Choppas failed theirs. This pissed off the big boss who proceeded to kills 6 of his boyz to get the unit back in the fight!  Both The Chariot and the  Da Nek Breakkas declared charges on the Slayers, unfortunately only the Chariot made it. Da Herddas moved forward for the first time in the game. Grubak's Choppas moved forward not wanting to enrage their big boss any further. Snotfinga and his Stikkas took the hill looking to charge the Organ gun Next turn. I attempted to cast Hand of Gork to get Da Immortulz a charge but Scott dispelled it. I then used the ring to cause a wound on his Dragon Slayer. Scott tried to dispel but failed. The only shooting I attempted was a shot from the 'uge Stabba at a Thunderers unit but I missed. In the only combat I managed to kill 4 slayers, but Scott managed to destroy the chariot.

Dwarfs Turn Four:

Turn 4 was a rather quick turn. Scott's Slayers charged da Nek Breakkas and while both sides caused  wounds neither did enough to win combat and so it ended in a draw. The organ gun killed a few more of Grubak's Choppas and cause a Panic test, but one look from Gruback was all it took to restore order. The Thunderers shot at the Stikkas causing a few wounds but nothing too effective.

Orcs Turn Five:

Turn 5 began with Da Herddas failing another Animosity test. Da Immortuls failed a charge on the Slayers. The Stikkas failed their charge on the Organ gun. In the Magic Phase I used the hand of Gork to get Da Immortulz into combat. Scott attempted to dispel but failed. In the shooting phase Da 'uge Stabba failed to hit the Thunderers again. In the only combat this turn the Slayers were overwhelmed by the Black Orcs and Da Nek Breakkas and killed to a dwarf! With this Scott conceded the game and I not only got my first game of 8th edition, but my first win as well.

Well there you have it, my first 8th edition game and battle report. Over all I really like 8th edition. I do feel bad for Scott because his dice were just not cooperating with him at all. I mean he was playing Dwarfs and could not stop my magic to save his life. Then when it came to his shooting the dice would fail him over and over again. He was a great sport and gracious opponent and I hope we get to play again soon.

Please feel free to leave me a comment, especially if you see some rules we got wrong. Also I do apologize that the maps don't quite accurately show everything. I am still learning the software so I hope to improve on these reports in the future. I will also remember to take pictures next time to go along with the report.



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