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Monday, July 5, 2010

Project Update: Immolator 2

I finished my second Immolator over the Holiday weekend. I used mostly the same paint scheme as my first one, with some subtle difference to give each tank it's own character. I also painted the other hatch with the pintle mounted storm bolter so that this can be easily converted into a Rhino.

The one complaint I do have about this model kit is the clear plastic window. It is really a pain in the butt trying to paint on clear plastic with a metallic color. I have never had this problem with my Eldar vehicles, but with them I am using a black paint. Anyway I may go over the windows again and see if I can't make them look at least a little better.

So here I am getting my Immolator painted when I go into the garage to find where I had pout the a fore mentioned clear plastic windows. So what do I find while I am out there? Oh just Saint Celestine, an Inquisition Rhino, my two Inquisitors and a squad of Storm Troopers. Just when I thought I was getting close to finishing a second 40K army I find more work to do LOL! To be honest I can't believe I forgot I had all those models.

So it looks like I will still be painting Sisters of Battle for a few more posts at least. Once I have finished this army I will be moving on to wrapping up my Tzeentch Chaos Marines, that I have made a few additions to and then it will be my Eldar that get my full attention. Still off in the distance I have my Orks to start on and my Imperial Fists as well as Daemons, both of which I am still collecting models for.

As always, thank you for stopping by and please take a few mins to give me a comment or two!



Mattarias said...

Awesome! :) I really enjoy your SoB posts! Didn't think about painting the window.. Perhaps tinting it with ink would work? Hmm...

Anyways, good luck with the rest of your army!

BJ said...

Thank you. Yeah the windows are a pain as they can't be primed obviously, and the paint doesn't want to stick to non-primed plastic. It only seems to be a problem with the metallics though as like I said I have had no problems with my Eldar using black paint.

Gyro said...

These look fantastic, nice work!

Daughters of the Emperor said...

totally looks killer!
And as for the clear plastic you might want to try the special paint that krylon makes for plastics. that might work for you. Tape off the parts that don't need to be primed and spray the rest. although sounds like it might be more trouble than it's worth.

BJ said...

Thank you I am pretty happy with it. Yeah I am not sure what the answer for the clear plastic is. I also just noticed I forgot to add litanies to the tank. Guess I will be getting my paint brush out today after all.

Mattarias said...

How do you like the litanies that come as part of the decal set? They useful at all, or is doing them by hand better?

BJ said...

They are great unfortunately I used them all on my Black Templar's vehicles :(

Mattarias said...

Hahah, alright then. :) I just traded mine away for a few Eldar for my GF. So doing them by hand is what I'm sticking to.

Please post up pictures of your saint! She's totally my favorite model!

Also, thanks for linking to my giveaway! :)

BJ said...

ROFL yeah Mattarias you traded them to me :P BTW I sent out the Eldar today, sorry I didn't make it to the post office this weekend!

BTW I will put the decals to good use thank you!

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