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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Project Update: Tomb Kings Ushabti

I managed to get some painting in on Monday and with that time I chose to finish my Ushabti. I have always loved these models so I am very happy to finally have them completed and ready to roll with the rest of my army.

I stuck to the same paint scheme I have used through out my Tomb Kings army and even kept the bases a simple sand flock to make the whole army appear to be marching across a great desert.

In the second set you may notice the middle one's right hand looks horrible. Well I got the model for free in a Bits trade and it was already a mess. I painted it the best I could so hopefully it will blend in. Lucky for me I only run a unit of 4 so it will just stay in my case unless needed :)

I also tried something new with my photos. My past images have been pretty crappy due to poor lighting for my photo box. Well today I went to grab the box and my cat decided to play in the garage and knocked it off its shelf. Until I can build a new one I decided to just use natural daylight and my back patio. I don't think it looks that bad, but it was pretty overcast today.

Well that is all I have for today, as always thanks for stopping by and please feel free to comment.


Monday, April 26, 2010

My first game of Warmachine and some WHFB rambling

I know this is a Warhammer Fantasy blog, but recently I had my first game of Warmachine and needless to say I am sold on it. So what does this mean?Well from time to time you will be seeing Warmachine posts on this blog.

So my friends have been bugging me to try Warmachine. I bought the Mark II rulebook and gave it a read through. The rules sounded pretty cool so  I jumped right in and bought the Protectorate of Menoth battle group. I also picked up the faction deck and a solo character so that I had enough points to do a 15 point skirmish battle.

I finally got to play my first game this past Thursday and I must say I am sold on the game. We only had time for 3 rounds, as both my friend and myself were learning the game from a more experienced player, but the rules are very smooth and fast paced. I love the synergies that exist between units and over all I was just very impressed with the game. After our skirmish was over, I immediately bought a package of the game templates and the new plastic Jack kit for Menoth. I am now well on my way to collecting a full Protectorate force. Stay tuned for further updates as I delve further into Warmachine.

I also have some things going in the Fantasy Battles realm as well. I am almost finished painting my Tomb Kings army. I will be posting pics of my last few models over this week and then once I am finished painting, I will post a full article showcasing the entire army.

I am also in the process of making a trade with a friend to get a fully painted Orc and Goblin army. The funny thing is I painted this army and traded it to my friend years ago. I think it will be interesting to see how far my painting skills have come since then. The other funny part of the story is I am trading him back his own Warriors of Chaos army that he gave me for my Wood Elves. In the end I am excited because I will have another completely painted army and I always enjoyed my Orcs. The only real problem is I now have to re-learn them as I haven't played them since 6th edition.

Well I think that is enough rambling for today, here are some questions I have related to this post.

Have you played Warmachine and if so what is your opinion?

What are your thoughts on Orcs and Goblins in Fantasy Battles?

As always thanks for reading the blog, any and all feedback is welcome!


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Black Templars 1850 points Fluffy/Competitive List

I am by no means a an ultra-competitive player, In fact I would say the exact opposite is true. I do however enjoy going to an occasional tournament so the following is my attempt at a fluffy list that will be able to at least hold its own during a tournament. Below is my list followed by the basic tactics I plan to use.


Master of Sanctity Kristoff Thaddius              
            Terminator Honors
            Plasma Pistol                                      

Total Cost = 140

Emperor's Champion Castus Fabian             
             Black Sword +2 Str
            Armour of Faith 4+ Inv Save
            Vow: Accept any challenge...

Total Cost = 140         


Sword Brethren Squad "Devotus"    
            Brethren x 8
            Pair Lightning Claws
            Power Weapon
            Furious Charge

Total Cost = 177

Brother Aldor - Dreadnought                        
            Twin link Las Cannon
            Heavy Flamer

Total Cost = 135


Crusade Squad "Iracundae"                          
            Initiates X 6
            Neophytes X 3        
            Power Fist
            Rhino "Refutor"                        
            Extra Armour

Total Cost = 205
Crusade Squad "Aestus"  
            Initiates X 6
            Neophytes X 3        
            Power Weapon
            Rhino "Mortis"                           
            Extra Armour

Total Cost = 204

Crusade Squad " Perfidelis"                         
            Initiates X 5
            Las Cannon
            Razorback "Puritas"                  
            Twin-Link Las Cannon
            Extra Armour

Total Cost = 193

Crusade Squad " Immortalis"                       
            Initiates X 5
            Missle Launcher

Total Cost = 90

Crusade Squad " Ancile"                              
            Initiates X 5
            Missle Launcher

Total Cost = 90


Assault Squad "Vindex Gladius"               
            Initiates x 8
            Melta Bombs x 8
            Power Weapon
            Storm Shield

Total Cost = 205


Land Raider Crusader "Vengeance"           
            Smoke = 3

Total Cost = 268

 Total Army Cost = 1847

 I Figure my small crusade squads will sit back a few rounds and fire their heavy weapons. My Dreadnought and Razorback will hang back firing his lascannon and defending any objectives in my deployment zone. That gives me 3 lascannons, two of which are twin linked, and 2 missile launchers firing for the first 3 turns. In turns 4-7 these units will start claiming objectives in my deployment zone or head towards the enemy lines as needed.

My Crusader will have the Sword Brethren. My rhinos will have crusade squads "Iracundae" and "Aestus"  along with my Chaplain and Emperor's Champion. These units will form a wedge, the Crusader in front with the rhinos just behind it for cover saves.They will attack wherever I see lone units or weak units and try to bust through the enemy lines at those weak points. If possible they can then make their way to any objectives. 

Lastly my Assault squad will be a speed bump to intercept any enemy fast units that get through my shooting, then if they can they will help with the assault on enemy lines.

Well that is my list as well as my basic strategy. I know the plan may have to be adjusted depending on what army I am against, but overall I think it is a sound list and strategy. So let me know what you think. Did I reach my goals of fluffy but competitive? What, if any, recommendations do you have?


Monday, April 12, 2010

Project Update: Sisters of Battle

This week fresh off of my painting desk comes some more of my Sisters of Battle. They are all painted in the heraldry colors of the Order of the Valorous Heart which is the order I have chosen for my Sisters.

First up are my two Imagifiers, I haven't really used them in battle yet but I am planning on fitting them into a list I am currently working on. Any help in getting my Acts of Faith off sounds good to me.

I really prefer the second model to the first, but both were fun to paint and will get pretty much equal use in my army.

 Next up is the last of my Veteran Sister Superiors. I have equipped her with a power weapon and a combi-flamer to purge the heretics of the universe. Depending on what list I run she will either be a part of my Canoness' retinue or she will lead her own unit of Celestians into battle with the Emperor's enemies.

Finally we end with the Canoness herself. She is armed with an Eviscerator as well as an Inferno Pistol.  This will give her the ability to deal with with just about any foe including most vehicles.

With these four models I am now done with all of the Sisters for my army. I still have two Inquisitors, some of their henchmen, a few Assassins and a squad of Storm Troopers, then I can move onto my vehicles.

As always thank you for taking the time to read my blog, any and all comments are welcome.


Saturday, April 3, 2010

Relax, The World Is Not Coming to an End!

There had been panic building on some websites and blogs, as always happens with the release of a new codex, but this time a good friend of mine was one of those crying doom. My buddy and I discuss war gaming all the time, mostly 40K and Fantasy Battles. I enjoy our discussions and though we don't always see eye to eye he is very rational and easy to talk to about our hobby. Imagine my surprise when he called me a few days ago and told me he was quitting 40K. I was even more surprised when I learned his reason was due to the new Blood Angels codex.

Now like I said my buddy is a pretty rational guy so I was very surprised at this reaction to a new codex. Unfortunately we didn't have long to talk and he has to work this weekend so I haven't gotten a chance to talk to him again to dissuade his quitting and show him why I feel the Blood Angels are not the end of the world for 40K. Hopefully I will get to talk to him tonight, but in the meantime it has given me something to blog about.

I don't have the codex and most of what I am about to talk about comes from what I have read on other blogs and seen on Beasts of War's Seven Days of Sanguinius videos, so if I get anything wrong please feel free to correct me.

From my limited conversation with my friend, I know one of the things he found most disturbing is deep striking Land Raiders. I admit, I myself was worried about this, but after seeing some of the info on the web this is not as fantastic as it sounds. First, the deep striking Land Raiders do not get the benefit of Decent of Angels, which means one bad roll of the scatter dice and you could lose the entire Land Raider and anything in it. Secondly, it is still a deep striking unit which means they can not assault out of the Land Raider the turn it comes into play. This also mean you get a free turn of shooting/assaulting before their next turn as well.

Another unit some people seem to be worried about is the Death Company. I think these guys are better on paper than they actually will be in game. You might think it is nice that they are a troops choice, but they can not hold objectives. They seem quite expensive for the basic guy then if you want things like power weapons/jump packs their price really starts to go up. The worst part about the unit, and forgive me I can't remember the name of the ability, is they must move towards the closest enemy unit they can see. This gives the enemy player the ability to kite the Death Company where you want them, setting them up for heavy fire or an assault.

Don't get me wrong I think that the Blood Angels are going to be a good, hard army. They have allot of really good units and rules that have the ability to really hit the enemy hard. Unfortunately many of these really great units are elite choices so it gets harder and harder to get all of the cool units in the game at one time.

Anyway I don't want to keep rambling, at this point I would like to turn it over to you all for your opinions on the new Blood Angel codex. I am hoping to maybe get myself some more ammo to talk my buddy out of quitting 40K.

So what do you think?

- Does the Blood Angels Codex worry you?
- Are there any units/combos you are scared of?
- How are you planning of fighting Blood Angels?
- Do you think Blood Angels is a broken codex?
- Will the Blood Angels Codex ruin the game of 40K?
- Anything else you would like to add?

As always thanks for reading my blog and all comments are welcome!