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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Relax, The World Is Not Coming to an End!

There had been panic building on some websites and blogs, as always happens with the release of a new codex, but this time a good friend of mine was one of those crying doom. My buddy and I discuss war gaming all the time, mostly 40K and Fantasy Battles. I enjoy our discussions and though we don't always see eye to eye he is very rational and easy to talk to about our hobby. Imagine my surprise when he called me a few days ago and told me he was quitting 40K. I was even more surprised when I learned his reason was due to the new Blood Angels codex.

Now like I said my buddy is a pretty rational guy so I was very surprised at this reaction to a new codex. Unfortunately we didn't have long to talk and he has to work this weekend so I haven't gotten a chance to talk to him again to dissuade his quitting and show him why I feel the Blood Angels are not the end of the world for 40K. Hopefully I will get to talk to him tonight, but in the meantime it has given me something to blog about.

I don't have the codex and most of what I am about to talk about comes from what I have read on other blogs and seen on Beasts of War's Seven Days of Sanguinius videos, so if I get anything wrong please feel free to correct me.

From my limited conversation with my friend, I know one of the things he found most disturbing is deep striking Land Raiders. I admit, I myself was worried about this, but after seeing some of the info on the web this is not as fantastic as it sounds. First, the deep striking Land Raiders do not get the benefit of Decent of Angels, which means one bad roll of the scatter dice and you could lose the entire Land Raider and anything in it. Secondly, it is still a deep striking unit which means they can not assault out of the Land Raider the turn it comes into play. This also mean you get a free turn of shooting/assaulting before their next turn as well.

Another unit some people seem to be worried about is the Death Company. I think these guys are better on paper than they actually will be in game. You might think it is nice that they are a troops choice, but they can not hold objectives. They seem quite expensive for the basic guy then if you want things like power weapons/jump packs their price really starts to go up. The worst part about the unit, and forgive me I can't remember the name of the ability, is they must move towards the closest enemy unit they can see. This gives the enemy player the ability to kite the Death Company where you want them, setting them up for heavy fire or an assault.

Don't get me wrong I think that the Blood Angels are going to be a good, hard army. They have allot of really good units and rules that have the ability to really hit the enemy hard. Unfortunately many of these really great units are elite choices so it gets harder and harder to get all of the cool units in the game at one time.

Anyway I don't want to keep rambling, at this point I would like to turn it over to you all for your opinions on the new Blood Angel codex. I am hoping to maybe get myself some more ammo to talk my buddy out of quitting 40K.

So what do you think?

- Does the Blood Angels Codex worry you?
- Are there any units/combos you are scared of?
- How are you planning of fighting Blood Angels?
- Do you think Blood Angels is a broken codex?
- Will the Blood Angels Codex ruin the game of 40K?
- Anything else you would like to add?

As always thanks for reading my blog and all comments are welcome!



jabberjabber said...

Nice post. I'm not so worried by the new codex. There are a number of strong aspects to it (I particularly like the Sang Priests ... I think we'll be seeing lots of them). I suspect that in the long run the speed of the units in the codex will be a strong factor, as per the older white dwarf codex. As usual, it'll make some of the much older codexes seem underpowered, at least until they get a replacement codex. I'm looking forward to testing out my armies against the new codex and learning more about how it plays.

Steve said...

i have played the new codex 7 times now and i will tell you that it is a huge upgrade to our old broken PDF codex. But, in my opinion everything that seems OP is balanced or has a down side. You already touched on the LR and not assaulting on the turn it deepstrikes, well that goes for the dreaded Stormraven as well. The Death Company are good but taking rending away hurt them way more than i anticipated it would so you have to pay bookoo points for upgrades, as you said. The sanguinary priests are AWESOME, but, big but here, they are IC with a seargents stat line. which means usually no matter how you try to hide them an opponents IC is probably gonna have higher initiative and kill him, which leaves your squad without his benefits for that round of combat. Mephiston? a glass cannon. dude can wreck stuff, but no nvulnerable and not an indepentant character. not eternal warrior but toughness 6 so who cares, unless he gets force weaponed of course. The Sanguinor? another beast of a model. Downside you say? uh 275 points. like i said i love the new Codex but i don't think it is so tremendous that people should quit over it. i think in my 7 games i have went. 2-2-3.

Brandon said...

Yes I know I made a few mispelled words....LOL

Brandon said...

I am quiting because I dispise the rate at wich the new era of the game is focused on.....COMPETITION....... I quite frankly find this game to stink due to the competative nature of the people out there. Back when we played a Rt was held twice a year. The codex is not over powered. I am just tired of seeing a focus of more BS to sell the newest model. I finnaly have met my level and I am chossing to move on.

Speaking of I have a huge collection for sale.

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