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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Project Update: Tomb Kings Carrion

This week I got a little free time so I painted up my Carrion. They were pretty interesting models to paint. They are loaded with details and I just loved the muscle and sinew look of the wings. It was a little tricky to paint though but with some experimentation I found what worked for me.

First the models were primed white. I think painted on a watered down layer of Scab Red, 60/40 paint to water. Once that was dry, I dry-brushed a few coats of dwarf flesh, then for my final few layers I dry-brushed on rotting flesh. That finished up all the gory parts. For the feathers I base-coated with black then dry-brushed codex gray. For the bone I used bleached bone with a gryphonne sepia wash.

Over all I am happy with how they turned out. This leaves me just my Ushabti and the Casket of Souls and the Tomb Kings will be complete! As always thanks for reading and any comments are welcome.



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