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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Project Update: Sisters Repentia and Mistress

Well I have finished my Sisters Repentia and mistress unit. I must say, I was right in leaving them till last as a unit to paint because they were by far the most difficult of my Sisters of Battle to paint. They have a fair amount of detail combined with some very odd poses which made this a difficult unit to paint. On top of that, they have allot of flesh which is probably my weakest thing to paint. Over all I am very happy with how the unit turned out.

This leave me with about 6 character types models to paint then my vehicles and the Sisters of Battle will become my 3rd completely painted 40K army. Needless to say I am getting fairly excited to get a 3rd army complete. As always thanks for reading my log and all comments/feedback are welcome.



dark-eldar said...

I've just started Witch Hunters and I must say these look beautiful!

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