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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Project Update: Dwarf Quarrellers

Just a small update this week as I got busy building and converting some other miniatures as well as working on some terrain pieces that I will post up when they are complete.

I did manage to finish a unit of Dwarf Quarrellers. Unfortunately when making this post I already see some gems I missed so now I have to go back and do some fix up work.

With this unit complete all I have left is a unit of Rangers and a few character models and my Dwarf Army will be complete. As always any comments are welcome and thank you for taking the time to check out my blog.


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

EBAY SALES for a good cause!

My friend Brandon's daughter needs surgery for ongoing kidney problems and he is trying to raise money to help with the medical bills by selling off some of his 40K stuff, so please if you are looking for any of the items below consider bidding in one of his auctions.

I normally wouldn't post something like this on my blog but he is one of my best friends and it pains me to see he and his family going through this, so all I am asking is that you take a look.




Thank you for taking the time to look through these auctions!


Friday, February 19, 2010

Project Update: Tomb Kings and a Dwarf!

Well this was a nice week of painting for me and Fantasy Battles. I managed to get 3 characters done and thus push two armies closer to completion.

First up is my Dwarf Battle Standard Bearer. I have been holding onto the model forever. I love the model as it is very characterful. I enjoyed painting him and I can't wait to see him on the battlefield. Of all the GW Standards Bearers, this has got to be my all-time favorite and it was a joy to get him painted.

Next up came my Tomb Kings Icon Bearer. I have yet to use this guy in an army list but now that he is painted I may just have to give him a go. I stuck with the same painting scheme as the rest of my Tomb Kings and I am very pleased with the over-all outcome of the mini.

Finally the last model I completed this week is my Queen Khalida model. I like this model and in my army I use her as a Liche Priestess usually placed with my Casket of Souls.

With the completion of her and my Icon Bearer the Tomb King army is very, very close to completion

Well that is all for now, I am off to paint more Dwarfs. As always all comments and suggestions are welcomed. Thanks for taking the time to read The Winds of Magic!


Projects Update: Seraphim

Just a small post today to update my 40K painting. The only unit I managed to finish this week was the remainder of my Seraphim. This does however bring me much closer to having my entire Sisters army complete. All I have left to paint is a unit of Sisters Repentia and a few character/banner models, then onto my vehicles.

I have spent more time on Fantasy this week because I have almost two armies completed and I am making the final push.

As always comments and feedback are welcomed.


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Imperial Fists 3rd Company: Collecting the Army

Well it has been a little since I did an update on my Imperial Fists. So far the army is progressing nicely. I decided on the 3rd Company with supporting elements from the 1st and 10th Companies as well as the Armoury and Librarius.

Once the Company and support was decided on I then decided to work on a paint scheme for the army. You can find the results of that work here.

Now with those decisions out of the way I have been going about collecting the army. My plan is to collect the entire 3rd Company as well as some of the supporting units I will be wanting to add in to my army lists. The following is where I am at as of today!


Captain - Purchased
Chaplain - Purchased
Command Squad - Needed
Dreadnought - Purchased
Dreadnought - Purchased
Tactical Squad I - Purchased
Rhino - Purchased
Tactical Squad II - Purchased
Rhino - Purchased
Tactical Squad III -  Purchased
Tactical Squad IV - Purchased
Tactical Squad V - Purchased
Tactical Squad VI - Acquired in a Trade
Assault Squad VII - Needed
Assault Squad VIII - Needed
Devastator Squad IX - Purchased
Devastator Squad X - Needed

Capt  1st Company:  Darnath Lysander - Purchased
1st Company Terminator Squad - Purchased
1st Company Terminator Assault Squad - Acquired as payment for commission
Librarian - Purchased
10th Company Scout Squad - Purchased
Attack Bike - Purchased
Attack Bike - Purchased
Vindicator - Needed
Whirlwind - Needed
Predator - Needed
Thunderfire Cannon - Needed

There is the list, it is looking pretty good so far. I am still deciding if I want to buy a Rhino for each Tac Squad or if I want to do a few Drop Pods. Overall I am happy with the Army's progress and I can't wait to get started on painting them.

As always, questions and comments are welcome.


WHFB 8th Edition Box Set : High Elves?

I was browsing the web today when I found an article on BoLS that really peaked my interest. You can find the original post by Col Festus here! I think I have stated on this blog before that the next army I plan on collecting will be High Elves, well according to Col Festus I will be wanting the new 8th Edition box set then as it will be coming packed with some new plastic Elf Models.

According to Col Festus' report the box set will contain the following items for High Elves. 
    - A Plastic Griffon
    - New plastic High Elf Spearmen
    - Plastic Silver Helms

    If this rumor is true and the other army included is Skaven, I will be doing my best to trade out any Skaven Models for High Elves. If this rumor turns out to be true it looks like I will be getting an earlier start on my new Fantasy army than I had originally intended, looks like I need to get back to painting so I can have room on the desk for a new army.

    So what do you think of the reported Rumor of the 8th Edition Box Set?
    Have you heard any good 8th Edition Rumors?


    Saturday, February 13, 2010

    The Beastmen: Rulebook Review

    Well Here I am back again to talk more about the Beastmen, only this time I have more information than just the White Dwarf to go on. I have finished reading the entire Beastmen rulebook and I am pleased to say I am still very impressed with this new version of Beastmen. I truly feel this new rulebook makes the Beastmen a more viable army and has made just the right amount of improvements without making them overpowered.

    This will be a fairly detailed review, but I will be focusing on units I like more than others. At this point I really don't have anything negative to say about the rulebook, but If I find something I will be sure to come back and update this review.

    The Beastmen have two special rules, Primal Fury and Beastmen Ambush. Both of these rules are both useful and add flavor to the Beastmen army. Units that have Primal Fury take a leadership test and if passed the unit hates the enemy until the end of the close combat phase, on top of this, if they pass the roll on a double 1 then the unit also has the frenzy rule as well.

    The Beastmen Ambush works similar to the last edition with a few differences. First you must have a unit of the same size or larger that is not ambushing in order to have a unit ambush. So if you wanted to ambush a unit of 10 Gors, you would need to have a unit of 10+ Gors who are not in ambush. Secondly you must roll on an ambush chart to determine what board edge the ambushing units come into the game from.

    The Beastmen Characters are pretty similar to last edition with the one exception that there is now a Doombull as well as a lesser Gorebull. I like the fact that the Chaos Gods are not as prevalent in this edition. I like that the Beastmen are referred to as the children of chaos and are not tied down to a particular deity. I also like the new Lore of the Wild and I foresee my Shamans using it more than their other options of the Lore of Death, Shadow or Beasts.

    The Core units of the Beastmen are pretty decent choices. Leading of are the Gors followed by the Ungors and Ungor Raiders. On top of these decent troops choices we have some speed in the form of Chaos Warhounds and the Tuskgor Chariots. The first 3 of these units all benefit from the Primal Fury and Ambush special rules, the latter two provide much needed speed to cover flanks and go after war machines.

    Another thing I like about the Gors and Ungors is the fact that they are no longer skirmishers, but instead get to use rank and file like most of the troops in other armies. The Ungor raiders are skirmishers but they also give the Beastmen some much needed missile fire.

    The Special units are where some of my favorites are. My number one unit is the Minotaurs, I love this unit and I plan on having at least two in all of my lists. Their equipment load outs make it possible to design a unit to a specific need or make them a jack of all trades. Their special rules are very useful. Bloodgreed is a form a frenzy that adds an attack to the profile every time the unit wins a round of combat. They cause fear which is always useful and lastly they perform an impact hit much like a chariot on the turn they charge.

    Next inline for me with the Specials is the Bestigor Herd. These guys are more expensive than the Gors but they come with Heavy Armor and Great Weapons as well as the Primal Fury Special Rule and their own Special rule of Despoilers.This rule allows the Bestigors to gain an additional +1 to combat resolution for every banner they have seized from previous combats.

    Next up come the Centigors. This unit is much improved over the past edition. They come with primal fury and drunkenness, but this time around the drunken rule is much better written and never really takes anything away from the unit. My favorite addition to the Centigors is the addition of Ghorros Warhoof as a unit upgrade. Ghorros really adds to the unit of Centigors by increasing their weapon skill by 1. If Ghorros is killed all Beastmen units in the army receive a +1 bonus to their leadership when taking primal fury tests. He also come with some decent magic items in the form of Mansmasher his weapon that for each unsaved wound causes D3 wounds, and his Skull of the Unicorn Lord which gives Ghorros Magic Resistance (2)

    Rounding our the Specials are the harpies and the Razorgors. Both of these give some more speed to the Beastmen and the Razorgor gives the option of another Chariot. While I like these units they will not make it into many of my lists until after the minotaurs, Bestigors and Centigors.

    I am pretty disappointed by the Rare units, not because they are bad units, actually quite a few of them are pretty rock solid, I am disappointed that GW hasn't made models for any of the new units in this section. For now I will be sticking with the Chaos Giant as my selection from this section with the occasional Chaos Spawn or two when I have the extra points.

    I see many uses for the other choices such as the Cygor, Ghorgon and Jabberslythe but I am going to wait to see if GW releases them or if any good conversion ideas come across the web.

    This is one of my favorite additions to this new rulebook. The are nice little gifts from the Chaos Gods that make characters a little more cool. They count against the upgrade cost of your lords and heroes but none of these gifts count as magic items so any powers that nullify or destroy magic items do not effect these gifts. They come in rage from 75 to 5 points and allow you to further customize your Lords and Heroes.

    This is the section that give us the magic items of the Beastmen. In here you will find many of the typical magic items in most armies. Some of my favorites are the Axes of Khorgor allowing the bearer +1 attack and re-roll any missed To hit rolls. Trollhide Armour which is light amour with the regeneration rule. I also like the Staff of Darkoth which has the bound Viletide spell.

    There are some very cool Special character in the Beastmen rulebook. You have Gorthor the Beastlord, Morghur, the Master of Skulls, Taurox, The Brass Bull, as well as many others.

    Of all of them, my favorite is Malagor, the Dark Omen. I like this guy because I like uses 4th level Magic Users. This guy is pretty sweet as he comes with both the primal fury and fly special rules. On top of that he has an ability called "Something Wicked This Way Comes" which denies enemy units within six inches of using their general's leadership. Malagor also has unholy Power which give him a +1 on future casting attempts for every spell cast that is not dispelled. He also come with Icons of Vilification which allow all friendly units to become frenzied on any roll of a double as long as they have passed their test.

    Well there you have a more in-depth look at the Beastmen, in-particular many of the rules and units that I found useful and interesting. I would love to hear any feedback you all may have on this new rulebook. As always I welcome all thoughts and comments on the subject.


    Projects Update: Sisters of Battle Heavy Weapons

    Well I finally got some painting done in 2010. I managed to finish off my Sisters of Battle's Heavy Weapons. First up was my last two Multi-Meltas. I see in the picture the white on the helms came out a little rough so I may have to go back over those and touch them up a bit.

    The next models that i managed to finish off were my last 3 Heavy Flamers. I am very excited to get these done I as use one in each of my Battle Sister's units. I am pretty happy with how they turned out as they match my older painted models very well.

    Next up on my list for the Sisters is to finish my last 4 remaining Seraphim. Once those are completed all I have left is my Sisters Repentia  and a few command characters, then I will be moving on to my vehicles. Once the vehicles are done I have some further Space Wolf commission work from my friend Brandon. All in all I am back into the swing of things now so updates should be coming much more regularly.


    Thursday, February 4, 2010

    The Beastmen - My Initial Thoughts

    First let me say I am basing my current opinion solely on the information that was in the February White Dwarf through the Beastmen article and Battle Report. I will be buying the official rulebook tomorrow and will provide further feedback once I have had the chance to totally read it.

    This rulebook is the one I have been waiting on, I was very disappointed with the last version of Beastmen and so I have a large army that has sat on a shelf for years.

    Since reading the Beastmen article and the accompanying battle-report in this month's White Dwarf I must say I am very pleased with the direction they have gone with the Beastmen. The first thing I was happy to see is there is no mention of the Chaos Gods, I never felt like they fit the beastmen. It seems as though the beastmen just worship Chaos itself more than one particular deity and I like the feel of that much better.

    The second improvement that I am excited about is the actual rank and file troops as opposed to skirmishing troops. I think this was a necessary change and one that will vastly improve the army all together. I also love the fact that Gors and Ungors are now separate units, although I am not looking forward to rebasing all of my Ungors to the smaller bases.

    I am also particularly excited about some of the abilities that the beastmen units are getting. They are going to make the units more random, something like Orcs but they will only get better and not stop to squabble. The minotaur's Frenzy rule is pretty exciting as the more they win combat, the better they become at it making them seem like the blood lusting creatures they should be.

    Another positive is the new creatures such as the Razorgor and Ghorgon, although I am disappointed that not all the models are yet ready to be released, at least I will have something to keep looking forward to. Speaking of models, the new models for the Beastmen army look amazing, especially the Minotaur, I plan on picking up a few sets with my book tomorrow and getting rid of the old metal ones I have on my shelf.

    Lastly it sounds as though their new lore of magic, Lore of the Wild, is going to be an interesting addition to the army. That coupled with the ability to use Lore of Beasts, Death or Shadow magic means my Bray shamans will still see much use in my army lists.

    Well that concludes my initial assessment of the New Beastmen Rulebook, I will do a more in-depth review in a few days, after I have thoroughly read the book. Please feel free to give your opinions or remarks as they are always welcome.


    Horus Heresy "Legion" - Please Tell Me It Gets Better!

    I am only on the second chapter of LEGION but it has been the most difficult two chapters to read of any of the Hours Heresy books, Up to this point I have loved the entire series but I am dreading reading another page of this book. So far the story feels very sporadic and it seems to have jumped around to a few different plots, but for the life of me I can't tell which is the main plot of the book.

    I don't know, it could just be me, I am just hoping someone can tell me that the book gets better and that things will start to make more sense as I read further because in all honesty I am lost and really finding it difficult to get the desire to read it.

    So let me know what you thought of the book and if my opinion is just out in left field somewhere.