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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Imperial Fists 3rd Company: Collecting the Army

Well it has been a little since I did an update on my Imperial Fists. So far the army is progressing nicely. I decided on the 3rd Company with supporting elements from the 1st and 10th Companies as well as the Armoury and Librarius.

Once the Company and support was decided on I then decided to work on a paint scheme for the army. You can find the results of that work here.

Now with those decisions out of the way I have been going about collecting the army. My plan is to collect the entire 3rd Company as well as some of the supporting units I will be wanting to add in to my army lists. The following is where I am at as of today!


Captain - Purchased
Chaplain - Purchased
Command Squad - Needed
Dreadnought - Purchased
Dreadnought - Purchased
Tactical Squad I - Purchased
Rhino - Purchased
Tactical Squad II - Purchased
Rhino - Purchased
Tactical Squad III -  Purchased
Tactical Squad IV - Purchased
Tactical Squad V - Purchased
Tactical Squad VI - Acquired in a Trade
Assault Squad VII - Needed
Assault Squad VIII - Needed
Devastator Squad IX - Purchased
Devastator Squad X - Needed

Capt  1st Company:  Darnath Lysander - Purchased
1st Company Terminator Squad - Purchased
1st Company Terminator Assault Squad - Acquired as payment for commission
Librarian - Purchased
10th Company Scout Squad - Purchased
Attack Bike - Purchased
Attack Bike - Purchased
Vindicator - Needed
Whirlwind - Needed
Predator - Needed
Thunderfire Cannon - Needed

There is the list, it is looking pretty good so far. I am still deciding if I want to buy a Rhino for each Tac Squad or if I want to do a few Drop Pods. Overall I am happy with the Army's progress and I can't wait to get started on painting them.

As always, questions and comments are welcome.



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