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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Project Update: Dwarf Quarrellers

Just a small update this week as I got busy building and converting some other miniatures as well as working on some terrain pieces that I will post up when they are complete.

I did manage to finish a unit of Dwarf Quarrellers. Unfortunately when making this post I already see some gems I missed so now I have to go back and do some fix up work.

With this unit complete all I have left is a unit of Rangers and a few character models and my Dwarf Army will be complete. As always any comments are welcome and thank you for taking the time to check out my blog.



Kuffeh said...

Interesting that you used the 6th ed quarrellers. I am much more a fan of the newer ones, they lack the "huge hand" syndrome the older ones had.

I have noticed a few mouldlines on some of them, a couple of helmets and hands really. I'd take care for the future, these tend to stick out when painted and bring the look of the unit down. Otherwise, a fine dwarf unit you have there. I like the use of the old miner champion/hero (I forget which he is now) for the unit. Though, full command on a missile unit isn't wise. -__^

Oh, and don't use rangers. Bad unit in the current edition. Bad indeed.

BJ said...

Yeah all I have are mostly the older Dwarfs, I got the army many years ago and I am just now getting around to finishing painting it. Crap and I can't believe I missed mold lines.

I have no plans on using the Rangers but I own them so they will get painted.

John said...

I like the bases on the figures mate how did you do them?

BJ said...

I'm sorry, I was going to reply yesterday but real life kept me away from my computer. Anyway you will never believe this, I use the cheapest bag of cat litter I can find. I put some PVA glue on the base and then dip it into the cat litter.

Once I have 20 or so bases done I then have some diluted PVA glue, about 60% water/40% PVA. I then give each bases a quick dip in that solution and then place on a towel to dry.

Once dry (I usually let set overnight) I prime them black then heavy dry-brush codex gray, light dry-brush of stonewall gray, then a final even lighter dry-brush of skull white.

I love how it turns out and have done every last one of my Dwarfs with this method.I hope that helps.


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