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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Black Templars 1850 points Fluffy/Competitive List

I am by no means a an ultra-competitive player, In fact I would say the exact opposite is true. I do however enjoy going to an occasional tournament so the following is my attempt at a fluffy list that will be able to at least hold its own during a tournament. Below is my list followed by the basic tactics I plan to use.


Master of Sanctity Kristoff Thaddius              
            Terminator Honors
            Plasma Pistol                                      

Total Cost = 140

Emperor's Champion Castus Fabian             
             Black Sword +2 Str
            Armour of Faith 4+ Inv Save
            Vow: Accept any challenge...

Total Cost = 140         


Sword Brethren Squad "Devotus"    
            Brethren x 8
            Pair Lightning Claws
            Power Weapon
            Furious Charge

Total Cost = 177

Brother Aldor - Dreadnought                        
            Twin link Las Cannon
            Heavy Flamer

Total Cost = 135


Crusade Squad "Iracundae"                          
            Initiates X 6
            Neophytes X 3        
            Power Fist
            Rhino "Refutor"                        
            Extra Armour

Total Cost = 205
Crusade Squad "Aestus"  
            Initiates X 6
            Neophytes X 3        
            Power Weapon
            Rhino "Mortis"                           
            Extra Armour

Total Cost = 204

Crusade Squad " Perfidelis"                         
            Initiates X 5
            Las Cannon
            Razorback "Puritas"                  
            Twin-Link Las Cannon
            Extra Armour

Total Cost = 193

Crusade Squad " Immortalis"                       
            Initiates X 5
            Missle Launcher

Total Cost = 90

Crusade Squad " Ancile"                              
            Initiates X 5
            Missle Launcher

Total Cost = 90


Assault Squad "Vindex Gladius"               
            Initiates x 8
            Melta Bombs x 8
            Power Weapon
            Storm Shield

Total Cost = 205


Land Raider Crusader "Vengeance"           
            Smoke = 3

Total Cost = 268

 Total Army Cost = 1847

 I Figure my small crusade squads will sit back a few rounds and fire their heavy weapons. My Dreadnought and Razorback will hang back firing his lascannon and defending any objectives in my deployment zone. That gives me 3 lascannons, two of which are twin linked, and 2 missile launchers firing for the first 3 turns. In turns 4-7 these units will start claiming objectives in my deployment zone or head towards the enemy lines as needed.

My Crusader will have the Sword Brethren. My rhinos will have crusade squads "Iracundae" and "Aestus"  along with my Chaplain and Emperor's Champion. These units will form a wedge, the Crusader in front with the rhinos just behind it for cover saves.They will attack wherever I see lone units or weak units and try to bust through the enemy lines at those weak points. If possible they can then make their way to any objectives. 

Lastly my Assault squad will be a speed bump to intercept any enemy fast units that get through my shooting, then if they can they will help with the assault on enemy lines.

Well that is my list as well as my basic strategy. I know the plan may have to be adjusted depending on what army I am against, but overall I think it is a sound list and strategy. So let me know what you think. Did I reach my goals of fluffy but competitive? What, if any, recommendations do you have?



Aleksi Lehtio said...

Hey man nice list.

I've played Templars at tournament level for quite some bit and I've always looked at mechanised being the best way to go with the old smoke launchers, but I was actually surprised by a Templar army that I faced at my last tournament. He had 5 min-maxed las-plas crusader squads on foot, 3 preds with autocannons and lascannons, 3 dreads with assault cannons and a terminator command squad with 2 assault cannons and tank hunters. His strategy was to hang back at the edge of his deployment zone and on turn five, were I to shoot at his troops choices, he uses righteous zela+move+run to suddenly be on the objectives. I was really impressed by the list, somthing I'll be surely trying.

Anyway onto your list. with such an amount of crusaders you MUST have a marshal. your small crusader squads will be using their lascannons and missiles on screening grots since they have to test for target priority with ld7. Other than that it looks solid. I would drop three assault marines from the assault squad, and upgrade the dread to venerable and tank hunters. It's really one of the biggest assets in the game for us templar players. The best use for assault squads is exactly how Fritz uses them, 5-man squads with meltabombs deepstriking. This way you can hold them in reserve and judge wether they are needed in the offence or home-force at the time they come on. U can even deepstrike them away from any of your forces to work as a distraction.

Some small thoughts. Overall the list is very good and you don't have to take any of my advice, but I would suggest taking the marshal with such a crusader squad heavy force.

BJ said...


Thank you very much for this informative post. I think I am going to take your advice on both the Marshall as well as lowering my assault squad and getting my dread to tank hunter.

Thanks for the advice it is greatly appreciated.


MichellSommerville0202 said...

I do like ur article~!!!..................................................

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