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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Citadel Finecast: My Opinion

This is not a product review as I have yet to buy my own Finecast model, I am waiting for the Tomb King releases on the 11th. I just wanted to throw my opinion out there on how I feel about the models I have seen thus far.

The model above is the very first Finecast model I have seen out of it clam shell. I held it in my hands and looked it up and down. There has been quite a few posts on the blogosphere that say the quality of these miniatures suck, well from the one I held in my hand and the others I looked at on the shelves of my FLGS, my opinion is the complete opposite. I think that the Finecast models are stunning. The details are sharp and just the feel of the resin is high quality.

In my opinion, many of the vocal naysayers on the web are more angry about the prices and are putting down the quality of the models instead of just sticking to the issue they have a problem with. Like I have said many times on this blog before, I am not a tournament player, I am a hobbyist and as such I enjoy the painting aspect as much as building lists and playing the game. For me these models are amazing and I can't wait to get my first few to paint. Does the price increase suck? Sure it does, but I am willing to pay a few extra bucks for the quality of the miniatures I have seen thus far.

So to wrap this up before I ramble too long, don't rely on what you here on the blogosphere, including what I say here. Go out for yourself and have a look at the Citadel Finecast minis. Then make your own decision.

So what are your opinions on Citadel Finecast?



Warflake said...

So many conflicting opinions haha.
I'm yet to buy so I cant give an opinion yet but I sure as hell am going to try an get something as I'm real interested.

Meatball said...

That's all you can do. I am impressed with their quality hopefully you will be too!

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