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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Project Update: IG Command and Cygnar Field Mechaniks

Well just a quick up date with some of what I have finished painting lately. First up is my buddy Scott's IG Company Command Squad. I have stuck with the agreed paint scheme so really not a whole lot different then everything else I have painted thus far for this large commission.

Next up is the first of Scott's Commissars. He chose the color scheme for these guys, and at first I wasn't so sure but after painting his first one I think it looks pretty good and so the rest will get the same treatment.

Next are for my Buddy Mike's Cygnar Commission. Above and below you will find two units of Cygnar Field Mechaniks. These guys were pretty fun to paint as they are so completely different from all the other Cygnar stuff.

Well that is it for what I have painted this past weekend. The Cygnar and Chaos Marines commissions are close to being finished, but I still have a long way to go with the IG. More of my own models coming up soon.

As always feel free to leave me a comment, I like getting feedback.

- Meatball


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