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Friday, August 19, 2011

Dark Angels: Planning the Army.

Well yesterday I announced that I was officially starting to collect a Dark Angels army. Well today I have been playing around with the type of army I wanted to build so that I could start planning my collection list.

Well I know that I don't want to do a specialized list like the Death Wing or the Raven Wing. With that said I really want want an all purpose army that can incorporate any unit from the codex.

So here is my initial concept. I am going to collect the entire 4th company, with no other reason than I like their heraldry. This means I will need some command guys as well as 6 Tactical Squads, 2 Assault Squads, 2 Devastator Squads, Rhinos and 2 Dreads.

Next up I will want some Death Wing so I am thinking 20 or so Terminators in various degrees of kit. I am not sure about doing Master Belial and a command squad, but I can always add later if I want him.

I will want Raven Wing and I am thinking 2 full squads and then a few support speeders. Again I am not sure Master Sammael but I can always pick him up later also. I will add in 10 Scouts just to have them and then a few heavy vehicles.

So that is the plan, next time I am going to post my model list and then start updating it like I did with my Imperial Fists. Any comments or suggestion from you Dark Angels players out there is greatly appreciated.

- Meatball


MIK said...

Hey, I did the 4th Company too! All the cool kids do fourth company!

Meatball said...

Woot! I am finally one of the cool kids!

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