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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Weekend of Gaming: Thursday Night 40K

I picked up my buddy Jason from the Airport and we immediately got into a game of 40K. Jason did surprise me by deciding to go with Sisters of Battle instead of Black Templars. So I decided to play my Chaos Marines. This was really just a battle to get Jason used to 5th Edition rules.

We played a Capture and Control Mission with Dawn of War deployment.  Jason chose an objective in the NE corner of the board while I chose my objective in the center of the Southern edge.

The battle started out badly for Jason as he was trying to use Sisters of Battle like Black Templars and this cost him two units of Sisters early in the game. Then about turn 3 things started to turn around as Jason was getting comfortable with the rules as well as the Sisters, and he starting using the Faith Powers at the perfect times.

Alas towards the end of the game Jason's dice began to abandon him  and Chaos started to control the game.
By the end of turn seven I was firmly in control of both object as Chaos went onto victory.

Well this was just a brief post of how Day 1 of my gaming went end went. I am sorry it is not more detailed but we are stating the campaign today so it is time to get back to gaming. If you would like to see more pics of Thursday's game just view this slide-show below


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