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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Cursade of Alamodia Campaign: Battles 4 thru 6

This is the 3nd in a Series of posts Please read the prior posts to get all the information.

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In the last post I discussed the the first 3 missions of the campaign. Today I will be posting my rules for the last three battles in the campaign.

Battle 4 - Siege of Saint Antonius

With the battle for the hill country over, fighting has now moved into the city of Saint Antonius where both sides are fighting for control of the city and its star-port.

 Battle Briefing:

This battle represents an all out city fight for control of Saint Antonius, the victor here will have a major advantage going into the final battles.

Playing the Battle:

- Mission Type: Firesweep (Cities of Death)
- Deployment: As per scenario
- 1750 pts per side, Standard FOC
- OMEGA size battlefield

Special Rules:

The Victor of this battle has gained a major strategic advantage and may choose  the deployment for Battle 5

Battle 5 - The Last Stand

The final battle for Alamodia IV is here. Both armies are committing everything they have to decide the fate of the planet. Only one side can arise victorious!

Battle Briefing:

This battle represents the final major battle in the conflict. This winner of this battle will secure the planet for themselves.

Playing the Battle:

- Mission Type: Annihilation
- Deployment: Victor of Battle 4 may choose
- 2500 pts per side, Spearhead FOC
- SpearHead formations are available

Special Rules:

The Victor will be the attacker in the battle 6.

The Victor may add 50 points to his army list for every VP above the loser for Battle 6

Battle 6 - "Remember Alamodia"

With the final battle over, the enemy is retreating, this is the final chance to wipe out the enemy, preventing any further attacks and securing a claim of true victory.

Battle Briefing:

This battle represents the victors chasing the defeated enemy as the retreat. The enemy is trying to get someone import to a shuttle to evacuate the planet!

Playing the Battle:
- Mission Type: Evacuation
- Deployment: Per BRB Page 271
- 2000 pts per side, plus additional points for the victor of battle 5

Special Rules:

Random Game Length

If the Templars are the Defenders they must get an Inquisitor to the shuttle. Use the stats for an "Elite" Inquisitor from the Witch Hunters codex along with 25 points of gear. No henchmen are allowed, they have already died getting the Inquisitor this far.

If the Orks are the defender they must get their Warboss to the shuttle.

The defender may get the entire campaign to a draw if they can get their objective to the shuttle. It will take one full round to get the objective off the planet once they have reached the shuttle.

If the Defender cannot get the objective off the planet then the attacker wins the entire campaign.

Well there you have it. The final 3 battles in this narrative campaign. I hope you have enjoyed reading my campaign rules. Please feel free to leave some comments, I just ask that they be constructive so that I can make quality adjustments to the campaign.



Deadmeat said...

Really neat idea. Enjoyed every one of these posts and it gave me some ideas to play with my dark eldar buddy vs my SM force. Thanks Meat for the posts and ideas.

Meatball said...

@Deadmeat I am glad you liked the posts and that it gives you ideas for your own campaign. If you ever write one up share it, I would love to read how others go about a campaign.


Deadmeat said...

Will do!

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