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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Crusade of Alamodia IV Campaign: An Introduction

I have a good friend who is coming to visit in about two weeks. We have  not seen each other in almost 4 years due to us being stationed in different parts of the world. Anyway he is able to come visit for a long weekend and we are planning some war-gaming madness. One of the biggest things I have planned is a campaign I put together just for his visit so I thought I would share it with you all here in a 3-part series of blog posts. I will then do a follow up with some battle reports as we play the campaign.

This is going to be a Narrative Campaign that Pits a Black Templar Crusade against an Ork WAAAGH! With out further adieu here is the basic introduction and set up for the campaign.


General Rules:
•    Narrative Campaign with six linked battles
•    No Special Characters are allowed
•    Standard FOC unless noted otherwise
•    Copy of Cities of Death Needed
•    Copy of Apocalypse Needed
•    Copy of Spearhead Rules needed
•    Army  list will not always be balanced point wise
•    Veteran Ability Rules on page 263 of BRB in effect

Campaign Background

Alamodia is an Agri-world located in the Ophidum Gulf of the Segmentum Tempestus. It is also a Shrine World with five major shrines to saints as well as numerous smaller shrines. Saint Antonius, the only large city and star-port is named after the planets most famous saint.

After many years of relative peace on the planet, lately there have been some Ork sightings both in space and on the ground. Nothing substantial in the way of an Ork WAAAGH has been found, but a large Space Hulk has recently drifted into the system and all attempts to explore it had been thwarted.

During one of the last attempts to explore the hulk, its power core became activated and its guns began firing on planetary defenses. The hulk was an Ork Terror ship and with no real fleet presence the invasion of Alamodia IV had begun.

By the will of the Emperor there was a Black Templar Crusade Fleet close enough to receive the distress call from Alamodia, now the clock is ticking as the Templars rush to save the planet from the onslaught of an Ork WAAAGH!

Playing The Crusade of Alamodia IV Campaign: This is a two-player
campaign which is played by enacting a series of linked games. These include everything from squad-based games involving a handful of models a side, all the way up to mighty 2500 point Spearhead Games). This campaign will take a while to play, it was designed to be played over a long weekend.

Well there you have the basics of the campaign. The next two posts will show case the missions and how they will work together, Please feel free to let me know what you think, I have just under two weeks to tweak the campaign.



Deadmeat said...

this should be cool. Can't wait for more.

oh by the way,


Unknown said...

This seems like an awesome Idea can’t wait to see how it plays out!

MIK said...

Yeah, this looks really cool, can't wait for the battle reports!

Meatball said...

Thanks guys, I am looking forward to it. I will be playing the Orks as Black Templars is my buddy's favorite army. Now I have about 10 days to get some of my Orks painted. I know I won't get the whole army done but I hope to get enough so I can post some cool pics of the battles.

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