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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Crusade of Alamodia IV: Reinforcements

This is a battle report from the recent Campaign my friend Jason and I played, for more details you can view the following posts right here on My Dice Hate Me!

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Battle Briefing:

This battle represents both sides trying to get or stop reinforcements to the front lines.  It uses the Ambush rules on pages 268-269 or the BRB

Playing the Battle:
- Mission Type: Ambush
- Deployment: Ambush
- 1000 pts per side, Standard FOC
- Terrain - Hills, woods, open ground and buildings

Special Rules:

Random Game Length
Any units the defender gets within 12" of the Attackers board Edge are free to buy for Battle 3
Any Defenders Non-Troop Units that get Destroyed cannot be used in Battle3.

With the supplies recovered it is now time to reinforce the front lines. As the convoys make their way they must watch out for deadly ambushes. Since neither side was able to recover any objectives we decided to roll off to determine attacker/defender. 

Marshall Haas recovered from his battle wounds quickly and took the lead of a vital convoy to re-supply the front lines.  Meanwhile Grubak Skulzbasha was determined to crush the convoy in retaliation for the Templars knocking him out of the last battle.

Jason pretty much lined up in a column with a supporting Assault Squad and Chaplain to deal with any ambushers. 

I set up my ambush markers heavy on the south side of the board leaving only two on the north side, one of which was a decoy and the other was Grubak Skulzbasha with his nob bodyguard. This is the one I wanted Jason to focus on so I put it as close as I was allowed to his formation.

On the first turn he revealed Grubak's unit which is exactly what I wanted as now I knew his chaplain and assault marines would focus their attention on the warboss, which is exactly what Jason did.

With my plan intact I began revealing my other ambushing units. First of which was my Tank Bustas who shot five rokkits into the lead vehicle, a Sisters of Battle Rhino, I managed to immobilize it, thus obscuring the path for the rest of the vehicles. 

On Turn two Jason got his assault marines and chaplain into combat with Grubak and his boyz this battle lasted several turn effectively taking an HQ and assault unit away from the main battle. I was able to bring my reinforcements on in the form of my Deffkopters and a looted wagon. The Koptas launched rockets into the Templars Dreadnought destroying the old warrior (This meant Jason could not use him in the next battle). Then my boomgun struck the now disembarked Sisters of Battle landing a direct hit and killing off half of the unit.

The next couple of rounds had plenty of action as most units engaged in hand to hand combat. The Templars managed to wipe out the Tank Bustas, while a unit of boyz took out the remaining Sisters. 
The Templar Assault Squad finished off Gruback and his boyz (next game they will have a pain boy damnit!) only to be wiped out to a man from another lucky shot of the looted wagon's boomgun. 
Other battles continued as neither the Templars or the Orks would give ground!

Jason attempted to get his only functioning Rhino across the now difficult terrain left by the Dreadnought only to have it become immobilized in the terrain. (His dice were just not with him this game). 

Two mobz of boyz converged on the Emperor's Champion's unit that was trying to get to the objective on foot, the attack stopped the cold and probably saved the game for me. 

Meanwhile the rest of units continued to battle it out. The Templars were losing more numbers than they could afford and it was quickly turning into a route by the Orks.

The Emperor's Champion and his unit were able to wie out the Orks blocking them from their destination, but the victory was shortly lived as at the end of the turn fates had ended the game.

This scenario was a blast to play. I truly felt bad for Jason as he fell right into my trap, and then to top it off his dice would just not cooperate with him when he needed it.

When it came to the Veteran Abilities, I thought my Looted Wagon did well destroying two units at vital times in the game, so I rolled on the vehicle Crew Veteran Ability and got the only thing I didn't want, the ability to re-roll dangerous terrain tests. Since I won I got to nominate a 2nd unit for an ability so a unit of my boys got lucky and rolled Feel No Pain . Jason got Counter-Attack for his Emperor's Champion's unit.

Over all this was a fun battle as we had a few epic moments. Stay tuned for further battle reports from the campaign. As always, thank you for reading the blog and please feel free to leave a comment!



Skeeter said...

Great batrep, love to read where the orks are victorious even though we never lose. If you like reading about orks, there is a book about ork waaghfare that is a fun read, check it out at

Meatball said...

Cool I will definitely go check that out.

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