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Monday, December 27, 2010

Crusade of Alamodia: Planet Fall

This is a battle report from the recent Campaign my friend Jason and I played, for more details you can view the following posts right here on My Dice Hate Me!

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Battle Briefing:

This battle forms a 'prologue' to the campaign, taking place before the main offensive gets underway. Both sides have deployed a force to recover the supplies lost by an ill-fated re-supply mission. On top of the supplies the Canoness of the Order of the Valorous Heart is missing in the same general area and must be rescued.

Playing the battle:
- Mission Type: Seize Ground
- Deployment: Dawn of War
- 750 pts per side, Standard FOC
- Terrain - Hills woods and open ground

Special Rules:

No matter the amount of Objectives rolled, at least one will be a Sister's of Battle Canoness. If the Canoness is controlled by the Templar Player, they will then have access to Units from the Witch Hunter's codex for the rest of the campaign. If the Orks capture this objective then the Templar player will not have access to the Witch Hunters units; they will be too busy mounting a rescue of their Canoness. If no one controls this objective, roll a D6, if an even number is rolled the Templars will still get access to the Witch Hunter codex for units.

Each objective controlled gives 50 additional points to the player for the next battle.
The victor of the battle gains an additional 50 points to spend.
The Victor of the Battle is the attacker for Battle 2.

As WAAAGH Skulzbasha prepares its onslaught of Saint Antonius, Marshal Haas of the Black Templars has responded to the distress calls and is preparing for planet fall. Supplies have been dropped to the planet's surface in automated containers; some have went off course and must be gathered for the upcoming battle. Just before the drop, word came from the planet that the Canoness of the Order of the Valorous Heart has gone missing in the same grid as some of the supplies. Marshal Haas has vowed to rescue her as well as recover the supplies.

We rolled 5 objectives and immediately both armies deployed their forces either on top of objectives are heading towards the closest ones. Just like in real life the battle plan did not survive contact with the enemy. Grubak Skulzbasha decided that he didn't care how many supplies he got, he wanted to get that Canoness and torture the human female for a bit, so he directed the majority of his forces to intercept the leader of the Order of the Valorous Heart.

Seeing the Ork horde change focus to the Canoness, Marshal Haas ordered the bulk of his Crusaders to her aide. This left relatively small forces on both sides to guard the remaining objectives.

As the battle heated up around the lone Sister of Battle small skirmishes broke out around the other objectives with neither side giving/taking much ground.

As the smaller battle continued to wear each other down the Major fight around the Canoness came to a head s both Ork and Templar smashed blades and brawn.

The Templar were winning the struggle for the other objectives as the lone surviving Crusade squad beat the last of the Ork resistance. The only problem now was the fact that the lone squad could only control one objective and word had reached the Emperor's Champion that the Marshal and his men were losing the fight to save the Canoness.

The Marshal himself had to be removed from battle due to an injury suffered from Grubak Skulzbasha, and without their leader the Templar forces were quickly succumbing to the Orks superior numbers. It would not be long before this battle was decided.

The long Crusade squad decided to abandon their objective and take on their Marshal's quest of rescuing the Canoness. By the time they arrived at the site the battle had already been decided. The Emperor's Champion shouted his war cry at the remaining Ork, he answered by abandoning the Sister of Battle and charging the last of the Templar forces.

The orks hit the Crusade squad hard slaying over half of the unit, but it was the Templar's counter attack that won the day, in a flurry of power and chain swords they were able to wipe out the entire ork mob finishing off the Nob at the very end of the fight.

The skirmish would go to the Templars but as no one controlled any objectives, the battle ended in a draw.

It was a close fight but in the end it was a draw. Jason was lucky enough to have a few models left on the table so he was able to nominate them for a veteran ability. He rolled on the table and got counter attack for his unit, that would come in very handy in future battles.

With battle one under our belt as a draw, we rolled off to see if the Canoness would offer Jason the help of her forces. He got a lucky roll and for the rest of the campaign the Templars were able to pull units from the Witch Hunter's codex.

This initial battle to the campaign was a blast and it quickly reminded me why I enjoy playing friendly games with my buddies as opposed to tournaments. I was able to put some role-play elements into the game and just have my orks act like orks.  Yes it may have cost me a win in the game, but in the end Jason and I had a fun battle with some epic movie type moments.

I have included a slide-show of all the pics I took, so please feel free to view them and leave me a few comments. Now I am off to type up battle 2. As always, thanks for stopping by the blog.

- Meatball

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