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Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Barter Bucket: It Really Works!


 Today I just wanted to make a quick post to talk about something that I have found useful ever since it was created and that would be the Barter Bucket. The Barter Bucket was originally started by Ron over at From the Warp but has since moved to Santa Cruz Warhammer where is is managed by Mik from Mik's Minis.

I have been using the Bucket ever since its original inception and to my great surprise I have had nothing but successful trades there. I was so very impressed with the community of hobbyist/bloggers that use the bucket and how friendly and fair everyone is. It is such a simple system and it still amazes me how well it has worked out, at least for me.

Usually the idea behind the bucket  is that each person sends in a list of items they are looking for and a list of items they have for trade; but several times I have received something I have asked for and the sender wanted nothing in return. The most recent example for me would be my Knight that I received just a bout two weeks ago. I posted on the Barter Bucket asking for a Knight so I could participate in the Knights of Bal Timorea project. A day or two later I got an email asking for my address and then the next thing I know this little guy showed up at my door and even had ome ready made flocking material with it.
Another recent trade of mine is helping me to finish off some custom bases I wanted to make for my Fell Bats. I had the fell bats already but I picked up the extra branches from the Citadel woods and all of the bases from recent trades on The Barter Bucket. (I still need some of the branches if anyone is listening Hint Hint). I got the parts i needed for the price of some postage and extra models I had lying around cluttering up my hobby area.

So I encourage any of you who have not heard of The Barter Bucket, to stop by and check it out and then maybe even give it a try. It is a good community driven project that I think more people should have access to.

-BJ (aka. Meatball)


Warhammer39999 said...

How many branches do you need? Shoot me an email at and I can hook you up if you're willing to pay the postage.

Meatball said...

Thank you for the offer but believe it or not I just did a trade to get the last of what I needed. If I find a need for more I will gladly take you up on the offer.


MIK said...

Wow, thanks for the plug! I've personally had nothing but good experiences with the Bucket, and people send me requests every week, so something must be working right!

A slight correction, the bucket was originally started by me at Mik's Minis and later Ron contacted me and asked if I would to bring it over to FtW. I was very grateful because my hatchling had new exposure to a much wider audience.

Then the Santa Cruz guys invited me over to their basically I've been crashing all the big gigs in town!

Meatball said...

ROFL, sorry about that man, now that you mentioned it, I totally forgot it started on your blog, Well no matter what it is a success and I know I for one am grateful to you for starting and continuing to run the Barter Bucket!

SC Mike said...

John and I love the barter bucket and when we heard it was going to get removed from FTW we begged Gyro (Mik) to host it at our place. And we are superstoked about it. I have had nothing but great responses/experiences with it.

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