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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Project Update: Inquisitorial Rhino

Sorry for the lack of updating lately but two things happened, first I have been playing mostly Warmachine and Warhammer Fantasy Battles, secondly my DSL modem died and I just got the replacement this weekend. The good news is it was just in time for me to post this update :)

Last night I finished painting up my Inquisitorial Rhino. It was fun to finally paint another color instead of black. I was very excited to paint this model because I splurged and bought the Forge World parts for it.  I then added my own little conversion to the top hatch using some card stock.

I really enjoyed painting this model and now I am free to move onto the Inquisitors and the Inquisitorial Storm Troopers who will be carted around in this fine new ride.

I am using a new technique for battle damage that I found on the web. It involves getting paint on the spongy foam you get in your blister packs and then dabbing it on the appropriate areas. This was my first attempt and I am happy with it, I am sure it will improve as I practice more with it.

Well up next on my painting table are my two Inquisitors, a Priest and a squad of ten Storm Troopers so it shouldn't be long before you are seeing another update to the blog. As always thank you for stopping by and please feel free to leave a comment.



Mattarias said...

Really sweet rhino BJ! That weathering looks good. :) My only complaint is that the treads look a bit too clean, compared to the rest of the model, but still, very nice piece! I dig, I dig.

Deadmeat said...

Yep i have to Agree with Mattarias, the tracks are a bit to clean. Cool Rhino nevertheless.

BJ said...

Yeah I know I thought the same thing after I did my Immolators. I guess I may just have to go back and dirty up all the treads. ;)

Josh said...

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