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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Project Update: Chaos Chosen

Well today I decided to go a different route with my most recent painting project, plus it gave me a chance to paint other colors besides black, white or red. The image above is my Chosen unit from my Chaos Marine army, The Scions of Tzeentch. I don't do much highlighting because of the blue paint (Reaper Pro Paint - Blue Steel) just looks very nice without the extra highlighting. Unfortunately my photography skills don't show off the paint as well as it could.

This is the leader of the unit. The back story to my army is that the Scions started out as some left over Thousand Sons, but over the years they have corrupted marines from other Space Marine chapters to replace their numbers and when these marines get elevated to positions of authority (Chaos Champion) then they are given left over war gear from Thousand Sons that have passed before them. This Champion was given the robes and helmet from a previous Thousand Sons Sorcerer.

These last two models shown are just other members of the Chosen squad. One of the next pieces that I will need to paint is the Rhino they will be using for transport. Well that is all for today, as always thanks for stopping by and please fell free to leave me a comment.



The Antipope said...

Hi there!
I would say these guys are of a decent tabletop quality. I don't know if it's the picture quality but the colours look a bit flat especially the blue on the armour and the gold trimmings. Loincloths and horns are good though. Did you try adding a blue or purple wash, maybe it could add some depth to it. That's my tuppence worth, hope it helps :)

BJ said...

Tabletop is all I am shooting for, but I agree I think the gold trimming could use a good wash. The blue looks much better in person so to speak, the camera is just not capturing it right, but I totally agree the gold does need some help.

The Antipope said...

Have you tried using a lightbox to take pictures of your minis? It reduces the glares a lot and brings out their true colours and details.

BJ said...

My mother-in-law is a photographer and is coming to visit in two weeks, I have already asked for her help with a light box and she is even going to show me how to adjust the setting on my camera. So hopefully I will be taking much better pictures very soon!

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