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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Imperial Fists: Test Model #3

Well here is my 3rd test model for my Imperial Fists. This model was primed with white and then had several thin layers of golden yellow applied over the entire model as a base coat. Next I proceeded to paint all of the other details continuing with the 3rd company theme.

Once the model was fully painted, I used badab black wash on the metal areas such as the bolter and pack vents. I finished by carefully going over all the yellow components with Gryphonne Sepia, being sure that the details got filled in and no heavy areas of wash were on flat surfaces of yellow.

This is easily my favorite of the 3 test models. This will be how I paint my Imperial Fists. The only change I will do is to add more highlights before the wash as I can see areas where more highlighting is needed.
I really like doing the test minis first as it allows me to see a few variations of the armor as well as paint schemes. Originally I was going to go with 5th company but I just did not like how the black looked so I decided on 3rd instead. I was able to do this way before I touched any models that were actually going to be in my army thanks to my test models.

Well that is all for now, I have a few projects in front of my Fists but I will be sure to post updates here as my Sons of Dorn come to fruition. As always comments are welcome and thank you for taking the time to read my blog.



Gyro said...

#3 for the win for sure, not only does it look the best so far, but it sounds like a much faster process...

BJ said...


You know I didn't think about that but I think this model did actually paint faster than the others.


Bryan said...

Looks great!

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