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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Friday Projects Update: 09 Oct 2009

Well I know it is technically Saturday now but I got home late from my daughter's Volleyball game so I am running behind. I don't have much to update on this week. First up is a last minute addition to my buddies Space Wolf commission. I was just about to mail them out to him on Tuesday when he called and asked if I could throw a jump pack on 1 of each of the special weapons. I proceeded to unpack the box, find the special weapons guys and get to work. The picture to the left is the final result.

The only other thing I finished this week is my Black Templar Predator that you can see below. The exciting thing about that model is that I am now finished with all of the Templars that I own. I may pick up another model or two but for all intents and purposes that army is finished.

Next on my plate is to finish up my Sister of Battle, along with the Adepta Sororitas I will also be painting Dwarfs and Tomb kings for Fantasy. While finishing off those armies I will be working on a few small projects, my objective markers for the Templars and continuing my practice models for the Imperial fists.

Well that it for this week, thanks for reading and as always I welcome all comments.



Big Jim said...

I'm diggin' the Pack markings on those Jump Packs!

The Pred looks nifty too.

Big Jim

BJ said...

Big Jim,

Thanks I had done the same markings on his other jump packs so I just painted them to match.

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