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Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday Project Update: 16 Oct 2009

Just a small update this week. First up I built and finished my Black Templar objective markers. The first and my favorite is the mortally wounded Templar leaning against the wall. The second is just an ammo dump, and the third is a ruined dreadnought hull. They were all fun to build and I think I will do custom markers for every army as I complete them.

Next up this week I finished 2 more test models for my Imperial Fists. I decided to go with my 3rd and final test model as the process I will be using to paint my Fists.
Next up on my plate is several miniatures from my Fantasy armies. For 40K I will be finishing up my Sisters of Battle. I will post more as I get things finished in the upcoming week.


John Lambshead said...

The objective markers are well cool (sorry, I had coffee with one of my daughters and have picked up the lingo).

BJ said...

Thanks John, I appreciate it. I know how it goes with the daughters lingo so no problemmo :P


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