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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Imperial Fists: Test Model #2

Here is my 2nd test model for my Imperial Fists army. I only have two shots because I followed the same basic painting as my previous post Imperial Fists: Test Model #1. The only differences were that I used a white primer this time and I took the advice of Siph_Horridus and used less of the sunburst yellow and more of the Golden yellow.

In the finished model below I changed to 3rd company colors and added squad markings and fist logo. I am much happier with how this model looks. It still has a nice yellow color but also has the worn look that I am going for and I really love the red instead of the black on the shoulder pads. Of the two I have done so far this is by far my favorite.

My next test model will be primed white, I will be skipping Iyanden Darksun and just painting golden yellow as my base color. I am also going to be doing the wash towards the end of painting this time to see if I like that effect more.

Thanks for reading my blog and as always any feedback is welcome and greatly appreciated.



Gyro said...

He looks awesome, good job, I like him much better than your first test model actually. A couple of questions for you; is that a Black Reach model? If it is, it looks good, I may have to pick up that set for cheap troops/termies/dread.

Also, I've got a decent sized Dark Angels army, but have been thinking of branching out. When do you decide you've got enough of one model, enough to start anew?

BJ said...


First thank you for the compliments, I jst finished my 3rd test model and it is my favorite one yet. I will be posting it up tomorrow.

The minis I am using are from the older McCragg starter set that had Space Marines and Tyranids in it. I highly recommend the Black Reach set though as the miniatures are much better quality than these ones plus you get 10 marines, a commander, 5 Terminators and a Dreadnought, not to mention all the cool ork models in it.

Well I have 7 40K armies with a 8th on the way as payment for the Space Wolf army I painted and my 9th is going to be Dark Angels. My recomendation is to finish painting an army before getting a new one. Why? Because I didn't and out of all my armies I only have 2 that are 100% painted. I used to just buy tons of modles for an army and go from there, but I am now building an army list first then buying the models for that list. For example I already have a Dark Angel Death Wing army planned out and I will only be purchasing the models I need for it. This gives me less models to buy and paint at a time.

Ok sorry to go on rambling, thanks for stopping by and be sure to come back tomorrow to see the 3rd test model.


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