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Friday, September 24, 2010

I have got a new game: Flames of War

Back in July I posted that I was "Taking a Break From 40K" and so far it has been about two months since i have played a game. I am still painting my minis and working on army lists, I just haven't had the urge to play a game. In the meantime I have been playing Warhammer Fantasy Battles and Warmachine/Hordes. Well my buddy Scott has been trying to get me to try Flames of War for awhile now, but I have been reluctant as I have never really been into historical gaming. Two things changes my mind, first off I love WWII, it is probably my favorite thing to read about in history. Secondly Scott just made me a deal I couldn't pass up, if I would be willing to learn Flames of War he would give me my my first army. Well I am not one to turn away free minis and thus my collection of the 82nd Airborne has begun.

On Wednesday Scott showed up at the game store with the following box sets for me.

Parachute 81mm Mortar Platoon
Parachute Machine Gun Platoon
So I  knew that Flames of War was a 15mm game, but I was not aware just how small this is. I spent most of Thursday afternoon gluing the minis to their bases as well as my fingers and now I have about 1750 points of the 82nd Airborne "The All American Division" assembled and ready to paint.

I really can't say I am looking forward to painting this army but I will rise to the challenge. I am still reading the rules, but so far this seems like a game I will really enjoy. This means that this blog will no longer be a 40K only blog, but will also be used to chronicle my adventures in Flames of War as well.

So now I am looking for any of you that have experience with this game to give me some advice, not just on playing the game but also on easy ways to paint an army and any terrain tutorial for 15mm that you may know about. As always, thanks for stopping by and please fell free to leave me a comment.



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