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Monday, September 13, 2010

GW you just lost a new army purchase!

I am so disappointed with the prices Games Workshop is charging for their new High Elf range that I have totally scrapped my plans to start a High Elf army.

Here we see the first item that effected my decision, The Island of Blood box set. Don't get me wrong the miniatures are fantastic but the price of $99.00 is just not acceptable to me in the least bit, especially when I only want half of the models.  Yes I know I could trade someone else my Skaven for their Elves, but I just can't justify paying around $30.00 more for this starter set compared to the old one.

Then came the real kick in the pants, $41.99 for both the new plastic Phoenix Guard and White Lions sets. When I first looked I thought this was awesome as the models looked great but then I continued reading on and saw that both only come with 10 minis. You have got to be kidding me, 10 minis for $41.99. That was it, I dropped my plans for a new High Elf army.

The only new set I feel is worth the price is the Dragon Princes at $29.75, which is exactly the price I would have expected the other two sets to be. I mean technically they have the same amount of minis, 5 knights and 5 horses so what is the justification for such a difference in prices? It can't be the cost of plastics or this set would cost the same. All I know is that I am not satisfied with these prices and GW has lost my purchase of an Entire High Elf army.

I know Games Workshop is a company and their goal is to make a profit, but I personally feel they are starting to rip off their customers, A friend of mine who orders from GW for my FLGS knew I wanted more Night Goblins for my Greenskins army and told me to buy them soon as after the New Year all basic units would be dropping down to 10 models per box. Luckily I found a deal for the Battle for Skull Pass set and I picked it up for $25 so my Night Goblin issues are resolved.

I am not going to stop playing Warhammer Fantasy Battles, but I will not be purchasing any new armies, at least not directly from Games Workshop. I am going to just stick to the armies I have and make purchases for them that I need to fill in gaps. I am sad to see a hobby I have enjoyed for 12 years, become financially nonviable for me. Luckily I have four complete armies so I will still enjoy the game, but the new prices have killed any plans for me to purchase new armies in the future.

So let me know what you think.

Is GW getting a little crazy with their prices?
How is it effecting you?
Am I just cheap or do others feel the same way?



Trollhoer said...

Yup, I agree 100%. Warhammer always was a luxury hobby for adult children, but it's getting to the point where I feel I just am not getting enough for the price I pay. I'm so happy I managed to score a large box deal for my next army. I don't envy the people starting new armies from scratch with the price increase.

Mattarias said...

Eeew, really? :\ By the fire and the flames, GW, I was looking forward to starting a high elf army. I guess I'll just split IoB with a friend and just stick with what I get. Bleh.

BJ said...

Yeah it really sux, I was looking forward to a High Elf army but I just plain refuse to pay those prices.

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