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Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday Projects Update: Sister of Battle/Eldar

I didn't get a whole lot of painting this week as I played a few games and have been getting ready to go on Thanksgiving Vacation starting this weekend.

I did manage to finish off two more Sisters of Battle. These two are armed with Heavy Bolters and get me a little closer to having all my sisters finished.

The other 40K project I finished this week was my Eldar Vyper Jetbikes. After reading an  Tactica article Fritz, of Way of Saim-Hann, Posted on BOLS. Fritz talked about way to use Vypers and some loadouts he used. When I read about using Multi-Laser mount with an upgraded Shuriken Cannon underneath, I knew this was exactly what my Ulthwe themed army needed. So I got to converting some Shuriken Cannons and then painted up the squadron below.

These little guys give my Ulthwe some much needed firepower. I get 12 36" Str 6 AP 6 shots as well as 9 24" Str 6 AP 5 shots. This will be enough to help widdle down just about any unit.

That's all I got this week. I am not sure how much posting I will be doing as I visit the family next week, but I will be back as soon as vacation is over.



Scherdy said...

Really like the markings on your vypers. Would love to see some more shots/close ups of them!

Drathmere said...

I second the request for more shots!

BJ said...

Sorry guy more pics will have to wait for about a week until I get back from vacation. I will post soem of all my Eldar that I have painted thus far.

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