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Thursday, July 9, 2009

This weeks projects and other gibberish!

This weeks projects are all about finishing up my almost painted armies. First on my list is my Black Templars. I have based my Limited Edition Emperor's Champion as well as my last 4 Neophytes. Later tonight, if the temperature goes below 100 I will get these models primed and ready for paint. Once completed I will then be down to 13 troop models and 2 vehicles to finish my entire Templar collection.

First up on painting today will be the Hammerers for my wife's Dwarf collection. I have been promising her for about 2 years that I would finish up what was left of her collection and I guess I should make good on that promise soon. I seem to get the "evil eye" any time she sees me painting and it is not one of her precious Dwarfs. Once I get this unit painted then I am down to roughly 3 more 10 man units 1 war machine and crew, and about 3 characters.

OK, so projects are out of the way, I had posted in my last blog Extremis Diabolus: Inquisitor Lord or Canoness? about which HQ to use in my Sisters of Battle list. I got some good responses and I think I am going to go ahead and make lists with both, then try them out to see which fits my play style better. I am still leaning towards the Canoness but I was able to create lists using both that I am very happy with.
It is looking like I will be able to get in a game or two this weekend so I am going to try out my new Black Templar list I am refining for tournament play. You can check my list out here, let me know what you think. I will post the outcomes of my battles and let you know how I thought my list did.

Well that is all I got today, time to get some painting done on the Dwarfs, my wife will be sooo happy!


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