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Monday, July 6, 2009

Inquisitor Lord or Canoness?

Today I finished reading the 40K novel Faith and Fire, and have now been inspired to finish my Sisters of Battle army, the Order of the Valorous Heart. I have had this army in a partial state of painting for years so I am excited to feel like painting them again.

I starting playing the Sisters before they ever belonged to the Witch Hunters codex. Since becoming a part of the Inquisition I have had a hard time deciding between using a Canoness or a Witch Hunter as my HQ. Both have their upsides and downsides to using them.

At this time I am leaning towards a pure Sisters list. My thinking on this is I can get two units of Celestians without taking up an additional elite slot. Another benefit seems to be that the Canoness and her squad seem to be around 30-40 points cheaper than the Witch hunter squads I would want to run. The down side is that I lose the Witch Hunter's abilities against psykers and the use of Assassins.

I am going to play around with a few lists before making my final decision, but I wanted to put this out there to get some feedback on what other players see as advantages/disadvantages to each. I appreciate any feedback from my fellow games.



Daughters of the Emperor said...

Both! Why should you have to choose. Use the Inquisitor for larger games and the Canoness for smaller games.

Chris said...

I use both in my list (which I will admit is more theory hammer currently ;)). I've got a jump pack cannoness and an Inquisitor Lord with psychic hood and divine pronouncement. You could go for an elite Inquisitor instead as they're cheaper but only Ld 8, so a Lord at Ld 10 gives you a better chance at nullifying psychic powers.

Equinox said...

I love the pure sisters list and feel that the lord level inquisitor belongs more in the DH book than the WH book. WH inquisitors just feel like independent operatives than men charged with leading armies.

If you really want both, burn an elite choice and include the WH inquisitor via that route. You can still take an assassin this way.

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