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Sunday, July 12, 2009

After the Battles

I got in two games yesterday with my Black Templars Tournament list and I realized two things. First my list is pretty solid and performed as I expected it to. Second and most importantly I need to play much more 5th edition as I am still rusty at it.

I also learned another unit to fear on the table. My first game was against Speed Freaks Orks. I had expected to see the Nob Bike mob with Warboss and it was there. What I didn't expect or even know was a threat was something my opponent nicknamed the "Burna Wagon", 14 Burnas mounted in a basic battle wagon. I have an ork army and this is a combination I never dreamed of.

Well it got to my 15 strong Crusade Squad including my Emperor's champion. It then dropped the flame template which struck 9 models. Well there are 14 burnas in that open topped vehicle so that became 9x14= 126 wounds. Even after allocating as much as I could towards neophytes the majority of the squad had 5 wounds each with a few only 4 wounds. My Emperor's Champion was the only member of the squad to survive. This unit can be devastating if it gets to your troops.

Now it is partially my fault, one for not knowing how devastating that unit could be but also because I hit and penetrated the armor of the damn Battle Wagon in both turns 1 and 2, but with crappy rolls only managed to get a "crew shaken" result both times. That unit combined with his Warboss and Nob bikers basically gutted my army.

I did much better in my second game where I faced off against Imperial Guard. It was a blood bath and in the end ended up a draw. I did have one of those epic cinematic moments when my Chaplain and the crusade squad he was with were struggling against some Ogryn. No matter what I did the Chaplain was not doing much damage to the Ogryn and the squad was doing even worse. My Emperor's Champion and his Squad were heading for the Guard line when he noticed the Chaplain struggling. He left his squad and marched over to the Ogryn scored 3 wounds on his charge which in the end caused them to flee and were run down. It was a very heroic moment for my Champion.


FoxPhoenix135 said...

Sounds fun! The "Burna Wagon" is a tidbit I might have to throw to my local ork players to give them some ideas to stop the irrepressible might of the Guard!

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