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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Project Update: Warmachine and Malifaux

Just another quick update with some models I completed over the last few days. First up for my buddy Mike's Cygnar Army is Captain Jeremiah Kraye. This model was very detailed and fun to paint.

Next up is some of my own Warmachine models. A full unit of  Exemplar Errants. They are some highly detailed models and it was a blast painting them.

The final model for this post is my 2nd Malifaux model I have painted. The more I get done the more I want to get into this game! Anyway here is my Steamborg - Executioner Class.

Well that is it for tonight. I will be assembling models the next few days so I am not sure how much painting I will be getting done. As always thanks for stopping by, and please feel free to leave me a comment.

- Meatball


Unknown said...

Looking good. I have painted Jeremiah myself, and it is really a lovely model. That malifaux model also looks great. A different kind of atmosphere.

Alviro said...

Great work!
Your technique is amazing.
They were very good details!

Meatball said...

@Aleksi Lehtio - Thanks for the compliments :-)

@Alviro - Again thank you for the compliments!

Anonymous said...

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