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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Project Update: IG Tanks and Heavy Weapons

Well another update on the Imperial Guard commission I am doing for my friend Scott. First up are the last two tanks of his Lemun Russ Battle Tank Squadron. The first is the Command Tank and the Second is just one of the other members of the Squadron.

Next up are some Heavy Bolter Weapos Teams

Last up are some Las Cannon Heavy Weapon Teams

Well that is all for now, please feel free to leave some comments, constructive feedback is always welcome!



Musings of a Smurf said...

Love the camo scheme on that tank! beautiful work!

Dark_Jober said...

I agree, great job with camo scheme!

I think you should repaint the transfers, hiding the "transparent" parts!!

A good detail would be to add rust and grime to the tracks.

Great job!

Alviro said...

That tank looks awesome!
Great work Meatball!

¿Is that the spanish flag? :P

Meatball said...

@Musings of a Smurf - Thank you.

@Dark_Jober - If it were my tank I would have but I am painting these for a friend and he didn't want that level of detail. I think I will go back over the decals I didn't realize how bad it was.

@Alviro - Thank you! Not Spanish flag sorry, just makings I made up for the Squadron.

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