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Thursday, April 28, 2011

An Award of some kind? and Gyro... mentioned a check!

Wow was all I could think as I read an email I received from Gyro (aka Mik) from Mik's Minis notifying me that he was giving my blog a 'Stylish Blogger Award'. Needless to say I am gracious and humbled that a great gamer, blogger and pod-caster like Gyro thinks my little blog deserves this honor.

The Stylish Blogger Award given from one blogger to another one might say, is like a pat on the back for a good job. It's definitely a viral, zombie-like spread of good will so it's too good to pass up. I was awarded mine earlier this week and now have the time to post about the award and those blogs that I wish to nominate.
There are four rules:
  • Thank and link back to the person giving you the award
  • Share seven things about yourself
  • Select 10-15 blogs who you think deserve this award
  • Contact these bloggers and let them know about the award
First and foremost I have to thank Gyro of Mik's Minis for nominating me.  He was one of my first followers when I opened up my blog originally called Extremis Diabolous and has been a constant source of inspiration as my blog has grown from an 40K blog to the gaming blog that it is now. His blog is such a great resource for all types of gaming and his blog combined with the Minions of the Monster Master podcast (Which Gyro is part of) have really opened my eyes to all of the various types of gaming there is. My favorite thing about Mik's Minis is you never know what you are going to get from one day to the next, but it is always something interesting. I have learned more about Legos than I could have possibly imagined, gotten food recipes, and seen info on games I never even knew existed. If you are looking for a blog that covers the vast world of gaming then head on over to Mik's Minis and tell him Meatball sent you!

Seven Things About Me!
  1. I am a Medic in the United States Air Force.
  2. I have actually had my hand inside another mans chest and manually pumped his heart.
  3. The name of my blog comes from my playing of RPGs not mini war-games :-)
  4. I watched my very first Episode of Dr. Who last year and now I am hooked on it as well as Torchwood.
  5. My favorite meal is Lemon Pepper Chicken with Garlic Mashed Potatoes and my wife's Zesty Green Beans.
  6. GI Joes were my favorite toys as a kid.
  7. The Original Dragonlance Trilogy are my favorite books of all time.
Ok now onto the blogs I am going to nominate. This was by no means easy as I follow a ton of great blogs, so I tried to limit myself to the blogs I frequent most often. These are in no particular order other than what popped into my head while writing this. Naturally I have already talked about Mik's Minis so I will leave it off this list but it definitely deserves to be there.

1. Order Minoris -Chris has a well rounded gaming site. While the blog's name might have a slight 40K lean don't let that fool you as I have found articles on WHFB, Malifaux and even boardgames and the Dark Hersey RPG. The blog looks clean and is easy to navigate, all big pluses for me.

2. Galaxy in Flames - Big Jim does an excellent job with his blog that specializes in 40K. It features everything from DIY rules and Fandexes to converting and painting. I make it to his site as often as I can just to see what is new and what else I can dig up in the archives.

3. diceRolla - Papa JJ runs an awesome gaming blog, besides how can you not love a blog when the owner describes himself as a sci-fi and fantasy nerd. Seriously though Papa JJ has a very well rounded gaming blog and his articles are top notch. He covers many topics and is a pretty darn good painter to boot. diceRolla is a must read on my blog roll.

4. Nesbet Miniatures - Painting, sculpting, converting, hobby tips, Nesbet has it all on his wonderful blog. Need I say more?

5. Inquisitor Lord Aki - Excellent 40k related gaming site with a crap ton of content. Home of The Basement Gamers Cookbook as well as info on campaigns, tactics and tutorials not to mention plenty of pics of minis.

6. Troll Tales - Troll tales is one of the best WHFB blogs out there. The site itself is beautiful and the content is amazing. My three favorite aspects are the painted mins, the tactics and the battle reports. This is a must see blog for all WHFB fans.

7. I See Lead People - Not only do I like the blogs catchy name but the content is pretty darn good as well. The crew at I See Lead People churn out articles on a large variety of topics including but not limited to war-gaming, terrain, and RPGs. If you don't follow their blog you are missing somethign special.

8. Musings of a Metal Mind - Mark is an incredible painter and to be honest I go to his site just to be blown away by the painting as well as get inspiration to become a better painter myself.

9. The Grumpy Stunty - Kuffeh runs another excellent WHFB blog as well a founding the Trading Post hub for all WHFB blogs. His blog is a really nice mix of painting and modelling mixed in with tactics and army discussions with some tutorial and hobby articles to add to the mix.

10. Drinkin' and Modelin' - What more needs to be said the blog title alone should make you want to read it. Seriously though Randroid has an amazing blog with plenty of articles on painting/modeling and even reviews of beers. It is well worth checking out!

Well that concludes my list of blogs that I consider worthy of the 'Stylish Blogger Award'. I couldn't get past 10 because there are just so many excellent blogs I follow and it was hard enough deciding on the ten above over others. I would like to once again thank Gyro for nominating my blog, I am not sure it deserves it but I am happy someone enjoys reading about my gaming exploits.

Until next time.



Tristan M said...

#7 FTW. Damn now I'm going to have to dig them out again...

Meatball said...

@Tristan LOL I have been getting the urge as well glad i could help :)

Tigerstyle said...

Thanks for the nomination Meatball! I'll do my best to pass on 10 other great blogs.

Ed Mlynar said...

Dude - thanks so much for the nomination!

Papa JJ said...

Holy moly, Meatball! Thank you, that's a fantastic honor! I really appreciate the award and the very kind words concerning my blog, as well as being included with such cool company. Thanks, man!

MIK said...

¡Muchas gracias señor!

Meatball said...

@Chris - NP I love your blog and it deserves it.

@Inquisitor Lord Aki - You are very welcome, keep up the great work on the blog.

@Papa JJ - Your blog is excellent and I hope some day to have half the content that you have. Keep the articles coming and I promise to keep reading.

@Gyro - No sir, thank you!

Kuffeh said...

Hey dude,

Thanks for the award, I am happy to hear that people like my ramblings on the intermawebs. I just need to find more things to post for the Trading Post

Mark said...

Thanks for the nomination man, and thanks for all you do for our country, too.

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