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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

April WAAAHG! : 2nd unit of Boyz and Orc Shaman Updated

 So April is almost half over and my painting progress has not been stellar on my O&G, but I have assembled all the kits I hadn't taken out of the boxes yet and got another unit of my of my old Orcs updated with some washes and new bases as well as a new movement tray to go with them.

Like the last unit this ones shows my painting skill from about 10 years ago, but I was able to get it looking better so that it will more easily fit in with the new models I will be painting.
I also got my Orc Shaman finished with the updating as well. One of the big reason I got behind is I have actually been playing my Orcs and Gobbos and so far they are running at 50% win/loss ratio.  I have also posted my Orc and Gobbo page where I will be posting the pictures of the entire army once it is finished, it can be found here!

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