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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Crusade of Alamodia IV: The Last Stand

This is a battle report from the recent Campaign my friend Jason and I played, for more details you can view the following posts right here on My Dice Hate Me!

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Battle Briefing:

This battle represents the final major battle in the conflict. This winner of this battle will secure the planet for themselves.

Playing the Battle:

- Mission Type: Annihilation
- Deployment: Victor of Battle 4 may choose
- 2500 pts per side, Spearhead FOC
- SpearHead formations are available

Special Rules:

The Victor will be the attacker in the battle 6.

The Victor may add 50 points to his army list for every VP above the loser for Battle 6

The final battle for Alamodia IV is here. Both armies are committing everything they have to decide the fate of the planet. Only one side can arise victorious!

Since I won the last battle I got to choose the deployment, so I went with the Pitched Battle.
Jason got first turn which I immediately stole the initiative from him and moved all of my forces as far forward as I could, Annihilation is an orky type of mission if you ask me and my boyz were ready to get into combat.

TUrn one was mostly uneventful until The Templars blew up my prized veteran Looted Vehicle, but that was ok with 2500 points to spend Grubak made sure to bring a second one to the battle!

Turn two saw a good round of shooting for Waaagh! Skulzbasha, The Tank Busta fired 5 rockets into the Predator on the west flank managing to stun it. Then the lucky shot of the game happened as my only Killa Khan with a rokkit launcha managed to glace the Land Raider Crusader immobilizing it, this set up a charge on the Land Raider by both the Deff Dread and Khans, in which I destroyed the Crusader and managed to kill one of the Assault Terminators cargo during the explosion.

The Templars had their revenge by Stunning one of my Trukks and immobilizing my Battlewagon; apparently Grubak was going to have to walk his way into combat! The rest of the turn was pretty uneventful.

 Turn 3 Started with Gruback bellowing a WAAAGH! ensuring as many of his Boyz as possible made it into combat. On the west flank the two Turkk mobs charged charged the Emperor's Champion and his Crusade Squad. In the Center of the field the Deff  Dread managed to kill a Terminator before being taken out by the units Thunder Hammers. The killa Khans also managed to take our one of the armoured behemoths, before one of their own fell as well. On the right flank a mob of boyz took a crusade squad down to two Templars, while another Crusade squad managed to kill off most of my Storm boyz who then failed their leadership test and were the slaughtered in a sweeping advance. Several of my Tank Hunters fell to the Crusade squad with the Plasma Cannon and gun

The Carnage continued in the 4th round as the Emperor's Champion and his squad were cutting down the two units of boyz, that charged them last turn. I charged in the Large unit of Shoota Boyz to back them up. In the center of the field a unit of boys attacked the dreadnought and the Nob managed to immobilize the ancient machine, but not before 3 of his boys were crushed to a pulpy green and red mess. Gruback and his ladz charged the Crusader unit that a group of boyz was struggling to eliminate. Over all at this point the battle seemed pretty even with both of us just on the brink of losing battle points in critical areas of the field. One great moment for the Orks came when the 2nd looted vehicle managed a direct hit on the Templar Squad with the Plasma and managed to wipe them out.

We knew round 5 was going to be the decisive round, the question was who was it going to be decisive for? Well the dice gods decided to smile on Waaagh! Skulzbasha from the get go. It started with my Grot Oil Rigger repairing the immobilized Battlewagon. Then another direct hit from the boomgun managed to stun the Predator thus eliminating it again from doing any damage this turn. Then my 3 units of boyz managed to wipeout the Emperors champion and his unit.. In the center of the field Gruback and his nobz charged the other predator and turned it into a wreck, then consolidated towards the Dreadnought that the unit of boyz and their nob were struggling with. The Battle wagon tank shocked a lone crusade unit who then failed their morale test and ran.

The Dice gods decided that there would be a turn 6 and I have to commend Jason as I looked over the battle field and saw the last remnants of his beleaguered army. But in true Templar fashion they fought on like the Champions of the Emperor that they are.

The battle wagon moved up to the Crusade squad it had tank shocked forcing it to run off the battlefield. The Chaplain in Terminator armor managed to finish off the Khans, but not before losing the rest of his unit. The boomgun fired at the one of the last Crusade squads, and even though the shot scattered it still hit the unit and caused some casualties trigger their righteous fury and forcing them to charge Grubak and his nobz. The battle was short lived for the Templars and the Ork warboass and his retinue chopped them to pieces. The 3 units of boyz who had previously killed the Emperor's champion charged the remain dilapidated crusade squads, one unit of Templars managed to make a unit of boyz flee but failed to catch them in a sweeping advance. The other squad was wiped out to a man by the other two units of boyz. The dice prevented a game 7 which probably would have led to me tabling Jason so I was grateful that the bloodbath came to an end with the Orrks of Waaagh! Skulzbasha claiming victory over Alamodia IV!

Like I said this battle was a complete blood bath which I learned several things from.
  1. 2500 points take way too long to play, we never made it to 6th Battle of the campaign because this battle took most of a day!
  2. Campaigns are a blast and really sparked my waning interest in 40K, I just need to find more people interested in playing for the story instead of practicing with their next tournament list.
  3. My Warboss and his Nobz will never, ever leave home without a pain boy.
  4. I don't care what the net pundits say, I love the Looted wagon and will field two whenever possible!
Jason and I had a blast running through this campaign and are already talking about having another the next time we can get together, maybe this time adding in a kill team mission and a game of Battle Fleet Gothic. Overall this campaign is the most fun I have had since 5th edition came out and I hope to continue playing this type of game at my local FLGS.

As always thanks for stopping by the blog and please feel free to leave a comment. I am including a slideshow of all the pic below I hope you enjoy it.

- Meatball


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