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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Imperial Fists: Test Model #1

Well now that my Black Templar Army is all but finished and my Sisters of Battle should go by pretty quickly, I decided to start preparations for my Imperial Fist Army. I browsed the web and found a few color combinations I liked and below is my step by step process for my first test model and color scheme.

My Test models are marines I have left over from the last 40K starter box set. The models have been stripped and repainted several times and are starting to outlive their usefulness, but they will work fine for this project as their last job. This is the model after a black undercoat was applied. Then the model was base coated with Iyanden Darksun foundation paint. Lastly I applied a coat of Gryphonne Sepia wash. I allowed this to dry overnight before I moved onto the next step.

My next step consisted of several drybrush layers of Golden Yellow. This took quite awhile to build up but I took my time so as to not fill in recesses where the wash had settled. In my future test minis I am going to touch up the Iyanden Darksun before proceeding to this step as the Golden Yellow had some problem covering some areas where the wash got on the armor plates.

This model was after several drybrushings of Sunburst Yellow were applied to the model. Again this step took awhile but I wanted to build up the layers without covering the recesses. At this point I am liking how the model is looking because the yellow looks weathered and not brand new and that is the look I am trying to achieve for my Imperial Fists

Ok I am not sure what happened but the picture for the next step was corrupted so I will post the final pic and just tell you how I got there. The next step was drybrushing on a 50/50 mix of Sunburst Yellow and Skull White. I used a smaller brush and really only applied this layer to the higher levels on the armor. Once I was satisfied with the yellow of the armor I then added the details you see in the picture. I like how the overall look of the model turned out, the yellow has the weathered looking effect I wanted.

What this test model did show me is that I don't like the black rim of the 5th company so I am going to go with the red rim of the 3rd company. I also did not like the black I used on backpack or the kneepad. I think in my next test model both of those will remain yellow. Overall I think this is a pretty good start and definetely somethign I can work from to get my final color combination. So please let me know what you think and I will be posting my 2nd attempt in the very near future.



Bryan said...

I am also working on Fists, and you can see my method for painting yellow here:

Siph_Horridus said...

My personal opinion is that the yellow needs more rich yellow, so less Sunburst and more Golden highlighting with a mix of Golden and Sunburst? Final with pure Sunburst? But thats just imho. I like 5th Company but i think you are right, a nice red will complement the Yellow.

BJ said...

Thanks for the advice guys. Bryan I think I will try your method next I like how your models have turned out!

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