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Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday Projects Update: Long Overdue

It has been a few weeks since I last did a Friday Projects Update, so I thought I should post up some pics of what I have been up to. My largest project has been my commission work for a good friend. He wanted to add some Blood Claws and a few other units to his Space Wolf army I painted for him. Above you can see the 28 Blood Claws I finished for him and below you can see some a few extra Wolf Guard with power fists. All I have left is some Special Weapons guys for his Grey Hunter units, A Long Fang pack and a Runepriest. My goal is to get them finished and out to him by Monday so he has them in time for the new Codex.

My time hasn't been all Space Wolves over the last 2 weeks. I did manage to get allot accomplished for my Black Templars. Above is my 2nd Rhino and below are some Initiates with heavy weapons as well as my Assault Squad. Now that I have finished these units all I have left to paint is my Predator tank and my army will be completely painted. There are still a few models I want to pick up but I will be considering my Templars as a finished army.

Lastly for this update some Warhammer Fantasy Battles. I managed to squeeze in a unit of Skeletal Horsemen with bows among all of my Space marine painting. This leaves my Tomb King army about 85% painted with only the Ushatabi, Carrion, Bone Giant and a few Lords/Heroes left to paint.
So what will be up next on the projects. Well I will be finishing off my Templars and then moving on to my Sisters of Battle for 40K and I will continue to paint both my Tomb Kings and my Dwarfs for Fantasy as I am nearly finished with both armies. Coming soon to the blog with be a few of my color test models for my Imperial Fists. This project is a little ways off for me, but I am looking to get my colors perfected before I start on the actual army.
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