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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Tactical Squad and Imperial Fists Icons

I found this great tutorial, Green Stuff Casting (On Shoulder Pads),  from the Ferrus Manus blog. This is exactly what I was looking for to do my Imperial Fist army. I followed the exact steps in their tutorial and got the following results.

I am very excited with the results, Over the last two days I have done 40 Tactical Icon pads and about 20 Fist Icon pads (I already had some metal ones). I should be able to finish my last two Tactical Squads later this evening.

Anyway, that is an excellent tutorial and I just wanted to show off what I did using it. Thanks for stopping by the blog and please fell free to leave a comment.



Mattarias said...

Niiice. Looks good! I might have to try something like that on a larger scale for me Immolator. Heheh.

BJ said...

I don't see why it wouldn't work, let me know how it turns out!

Mattarias said...

Of course! I'll be sure to post up the results on my (Currently new, empty, and unprofessional-looking >>') blog, and link 'em here. :)

BJ said...

Uh oh no link posted, well if you post a link I will add you to my blog roll!

Doggles said...

Excellent - thanks for the link, I was wondering if something like this was possible. Good timing too as I'm just about to do a load of Eagle Warriors termies.

BJ said...

Doggles, yes it works wonderfully. The one thing I did notice is you do have to apply some lubricant to the mold every 4th or 5th shoulder pad. I am using petroleum jelly and have had excellent results with it. Good luck adn I would love to see some pics when you are done!

Mattarias said...

Oops. Well, if you really want the link, here you go:

Like I said, it's pretty ugly and empty so far. Especially since I dunno how to "do" pictures in blogger, like in this post.

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