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Friday, July 23, 2010

Trading Armies!

Trading armies is as much a part of the hobby for me as playing the game and painting the miniatures. The one rule I have had in the past is not trading any armies that I have fully painted but my buddy Scott made me an offer I couldn't refuse.

I traded my Tomb King army for the following Protectorate of Menoth.


-Amon Ad-Raza
-2 x Epic Feora
-Harbinger of Menoth
-Epic Kreoss
-Testament of Menoth
-The High Reclaimer
-Epic Severius


-Blessing of Vengeance
-4 x Devouts
-3 x Revengers
-2 x Redeemers
-2 x Crusaders
-Fire of Salvation


-2 x Paladins
-3 x Wracks
-2 x Exemplar Seneschals
-2 x Reclaimer


-2 x Choir (Max Units)
-2 x Flameguard (Max Unit + Attachment)
-2 x Zealots (Max Unit + Monolith Bearer)
-3 x Exemplar Errant (2 Max units,1 Min Unit
-Vengers (Max Unit)
-2 Daughters of the Flame (Max Units)
-2 Idrian Skirmishers (Max Units +1 Attachment)
-Deliverer Sunburst and Crew
-Knight Exemplar (Max Unit)

In the end I think I made out very well on this trade. I will not be needing to buy any further models for Menoth for quite some time, now I just have around 174 new models to paint :-P


Sgt. Brisbane said...

Nice trade! Who's that amazing mini in the pic?!
That might tempt me to grab me some Menoth.

BJ said...

His name is Hierarch Severius, he is one of the Warcasters for the Protectorate of Menoth. Here is a link to the gallery for the Warmachines models, they really have some beautiful minis and the rules rock too.

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