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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Project Update: Celestine the Living Saint

I finished her last night and I am very excited to post a completed picture of Celestine the Living Saint. This is really a beautiful model and it was really a joy to paint. I apologize for the poor lighting but of course it had to be overcast today. I really need to invest in some good lights and a photo box.

I am really happy with the model and I can't wait to use her in my army list. Coming up next will most likely be my Inquisitorial Storm Troopers, Although I still have two Witch Hunters to paint as well. Either way I need to finish off my troops and characters then get back to my remaining vehicles.

I do apologize for the limited updates lately but I have been doing allot of work on my Fantasy and Warmachine models , which you can see on my Fantasy blog.

My future plans for 40K after I finish the Witch Hunters/Sisters of Battle, include finishing my Chaos Marines. After that I will move onto my Ulthwe Eldar and then the Armies that I have bought post 5th edition (Orks, Imperial Fists and Daemons).

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Mattarias said...

Woo! Awesome! Love how the reds came out. :) Is that a sepia wash over silver for the armor? Looks like it. Came out really well! I'll put my own Saint up sometime. :) Hopefully I'll be able to paint her as well as yours. Utterly terrified of priming her yet. She's waayy not done.

BJ said...

Thanks Mattarias. Actually I used Devlan Mud on her armour, I really like how it works with metals.

I can't wait to see your, I have been enjoying reading your blog as it is nice to see what other Sisters of battle players are doing.

Mattarias said...

Hahah, thank you kindly! :) Yeah, SoB blogs are pretty rare. Part of why I started one.

But alright. The Devlan mud looks good! Might have to try that out, myself!

Daughters of the Emperor said...

Very Nice! I found that fig a ton of fun to paint and spent waaaaay too much time on mine.

Oh and Devlan Mud = Talent in a Bottle, fantastic stuff.

BJ said...

LOL, I couldn't agree more, Devlan Mud FTW!

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