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Monday, June 21, 2010

Project Update: Sister of Battle Immolator

Last night I completed my first Sisters of Battle vehicle, the Immolator. I really like this model and painting it was fun. It is mostly the same as a Rhino but it has some extensions that give it more of a Gothic Temple feel.

I painted it in the same colors as my Order of the Valorous Heart's army scheme. I used black as the primary color with white and red as the secondary colors.

The other thing I like about this kit is it came with the bits to make it into a Rhino. The only complaint I have is the plastic window shields. They look great painted but it is difficult to paint plastic without any primer. The paint went on streaky and was easy to accidentally pull off with my fingers. I ended up having to paint small parts then allow it to fully dry before moving on to paint. This was one of the most time consuming aspects of this model.

In the end I am really happy with the results and I can't wait to see it in action the next time I play my Sisters. I still have another Immolator, an Exorcist and 2 Penitent Engines before my army is finished.

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Dean said...

I like, looks great.... I may have to add SoB as a future army now... :)

BJ said...

Thank you, I love the Sisters, once you get used to how they play they are a pretty decent army!

Murl said...

Always loved the SoBs....had a small army of them laying around for years.

Love the immolator....very pretty work!

BJ said...


That is what my SOBs have been doping just sitting around waiting for paint. My wife finally put down an ultimatum, No new Armies until all my other Armies are painted. So I have been busting butt to accomplish that :)

I do love playing the Sisters though so they really need to be painted as i prefer playing with a painted army.

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