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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Making Icons with Greenstuff

I have been looking for a way to get some Imperial Fists icons for my Terminators. Of course as always I turned to the wonderful internet for some advice and found the following tutorial Green Stuff Casting. I am posting below on how this process worked for me.

The first part of the process was finding a suitable icon that would fit on a Terminator shoulder. I chose to use the top of the banner that I stole from the Crimson Fists' Pedro Cantor. This banner now resides on my Company Captain. I held it up to a terminator shoulder and it looked to be a good match

For the next step I found a round an empty round base and put a thin layer of greenstuff on it. You really have to pay attention to the thickness of the greenstuff. My first attempt made the icons way to think and they just looked silly once applied to the terminator.

Once I had the green stuff applied, I smeared the top with petroleum jelly to prevent the icon from sticking. Next I pressed the icon from the standard into the green stuff in 4 different locations. Once I was satisfied I then let the greenstuff cure overnight.

Before I get into the next step, I also discovered something about greenstuff I didn't know. I took what was left of the mixed greenstuff from making the mold and I placed it in the freezer over night while the mold was curing. I always put my unmixed greenstuff in the freezer to store because I was told it makes it last longer, so I thought I would see if the cold would stop it from curing. I was very excited when after thawing the greenstuff was good to go. No more wasted greenstuff for me.

Ok so I took my now thawed greenstuff and my mold. Fist I used the petroleum jelly again to lubricate the mold. Next, I tore off small bits of greenstuff and pressed it into the mold. You can see the final products to the right. I then allowed the icons to sit for about 90 mins.

After waiting the 90 mins, I carefully cut away the excess greenstuff using my hobby knife. I then applied the icon to the shoulder pad of each of my Terminators. I probably could have still gotten them a bit thinner, but I actually like the look. These guys are veterans and would have the larger iconography. When I compared it to their crux terminatus on their left shoulder, they seemed to stick out just as far so I left it.

I was so happy with the results that I decided to do another mold so that I could add a smaller fist symbol to the Heraldry shield. Now my Terminators all have their icons. My next project is to attempt this tutorial on Icons for Shoulder Pads. I will post again to let you know how that turns out.

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