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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Project Update: Dwarfs are finished!

Well today was a very productive day as I managed to finish the final 6 Dwarfs for my Dwarf army. The first up is a Dwarf Hero that no longer has rules printed and I can't remember his name, but I loved the model so I kept it around, I may just use him as a cool looking musician.

Next up are my two Rune Priests. Since they are the same model I decided to paint them as different as possible. I still used the army colors but just switched it up a bit to make them two distinctly different priests. I am sorry for the shadow I waited too late in the day to take these pictures.

Finally up last is my Engineering Corps. The first one is an older model that I have had laying around. The other two are the newer engineers that came out when the new Dwarf book arrived. I really love all three miniatures and had the most fun painting them.

Well that is it, my Dwarf army is now complete. I will get to work on making a full army post sometime in the next week. Now I have two finished armies, just in time for the release of 8th Edition Fantasy Battles. Now my next question is do I move onto painting my Vampire Counts or do I work on my Orcs to give them a much needed updated paint job and basing. The Orcs would probably give me another finished army in a short time, but I have really been looking forward to painting my Vampires. I will let you know what I decide soon.

As always thanks for taking the time to read my blog, and please fell free to leave me a comment or two.



Kuffeh said...

Great looking stuff dude. The dwarf 'hero' is King Kazador, in his old rules his horn has the Master Rune of Dismay attached to it.

They look great dude, really good stuff. =)

BJ said...


Thanks for the compliments, I used to have all the rules to the extra special characters, but I just can't find them :( I have a Dwarf with what looks like a steam powered power fist and a few other. I may just have to look for all those rules today.

Either way I am just happy to have the army finished after all these years.

Kuffeh said...

That would be Burlock Damminson. An engineer, his arm was S8 I believe. I still have the army book from where they featured. =D

BJ said...

Is it an old Dwarf book? I thought I got them in a White Dwarf. I am looting through all my crap right now looking for their rules!

Kuffeh said...

Yep. In the old 5th ed army book (blue with a seated dwarf king on the front) it had the rules for all of those guys.

I do know GW had them on their site a while ago, though.

BJ said...

Cool I still have that book so now I just got to figure out if it is here at the house or in storage. Thanks for the info!

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